Antivirus Test: Winner in virus test

F-Secure Internet Security also actually playing with the leading group and had also earned a third place in terms of most values. However, the program is making significant Schnitzer from the miscalculations. For comparison: where in August test Panda 2 and Avira 1 file incorrectly einschätzte as infected, there were 11 false positives in this virus scanner! Basically, one might be of the opinion that better too is reported as too little, but something disturbs the flow of work, confused users and, in extreme cases, either the loss of data by deleting or crash the system because important driver files are suddenly quarantined. That should not happen with a program that costs around 20 euros per year.

But, apart from the &# 8220; False Positives&# 8221 ;, F-Secure Internet Security is a very good virus scanner with near-perfect virus detection and high work rate. The surface is a little more complicated than that of the higher-rated antivirus scanners in the test. For the money you get a good virus scanning, browser protection and control of shopping or online banking. This program protects Windows from XP to 10 and of course German. The one year license of F-Secure for 3 PCs already there around 20 euros! *Antivirus Test: Winner in virus test

Place 4 of the best antivirus: Panda Free Antivirus

Panda Security comes with Panda Free Antivirus is a good free antivirus software in the antivirus test and the test results ago did he &# 8211; in this month &# 8211; the 3rd place just barely missed. He gets in terms of recognition rate, speed and usability same notes as the Avira virus scanner, but does slightly at a higher Tester &# 8220; False Positives&# 8221 ;. Say he's a little overzealous and recognizes as a Trojan or virus, which is actually clean.

The best free antivirus in the test: Panda Free AntivirusThe best free antivirus in the test: Panda Free Antivirus

Of course, does not offer the best free virus scanner program to test so extensive features such as its commercial rivals. Essentially, it is here in the basic protection against viruses and Trojans. The program prevents us from executing and processing of infected data. In addition, it acts as a web filter and secures our Internet activities. There is no specific protection for online banking (except for the Web filter times) and no functions like a file shredder to ensure privacy. On the other hand, there are also plenty of them indeed in the freeware scene. This is also true of the password manager. The pay additional functions requiring a virus scanner so you can get to a large extent themselves.

With Panda Free Antivirus is thus gets a very good free virus protection that exceeds many paid programs concerning safety and speed! The antivirus program covers the span of Windows XP to Windows 10 &# 8211; what everyone can not. However, here one must be careful when installing because otherwise the tool bends the search engines setting the browser to Yahoo and installed any other programs. This applies it before &# 8220; deselect&# 8221 ;.

The podium in the GIGA antivirus scanner test: The 2nd and 3rd


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