Mouse is not working: what to do?

A PC system without a computer mouse can be compared to a car without a steering wheel. Although Windows 10 can not use anyway, but really comfortable handling of the PC is not without a mouse. With us you learn what you can do when it is after the start of the PC "Help, my mouse does not work!"

Mouse is not working: what to do?

Unresponsive mouse, which can have various causes. So you can get back the power over the control of your PC again, you will find below some help solutions for disorders of the PC mouse.

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&# 8220; Help, mouse does not work and unresponsive!&# 8221;

  • Often, a simple reboot helps if a mouse unresponsive.
  • Checks first if the mouse is not properly connected to the PC.
  • Tried doing well to plug the hardware into a different USB port on the computer.
  • Should you mouse over an additional USB hub use, the device closes and connects it without going to the computer.
  • There may be a conflict with another USB-connected device that prevents the mouse works properly. Removes all USB devices such as game pads, printers and Co. and then if the mouse finally responds controlled.
  • Do you have a wireless mouse, the z. B. is connected via Bluetooth with the computer, check that the connection between the PC and mouse is made correctly.
  • Of course you should also check whether the wireless mouse even still has enough energy to function. Exchanges the battery and loads the first device on.


Mouse does not work: Fix Windows Problems

the required mouse driver may have been lost by a faulty Windows update or other software problems. Calls the system control and the "Mouse" section at. Here you can see if a mouse is recognized by the PC. If so, you can open the properties of the input device by double-clicking. In the "driver" can then be re-install the required mouse driver.

mouse-control systemEverything helps nothing, may be defective device. Nothing further helps to get as a new mouse. Plus, meet z. As a look at a gaming mouse from Logitech Lioncast or *Mouse is not working: what to do? toss.

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