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The Konami football PES 2017 has, unfortunately, again purchased a few licenses for the Bundesliga this year. Borussia Dortmund has reached agreement with the Japanese, but otherwise still missing many clubs. We show you on this page, as you can play and the Bundesliga in PES 2017 to import.

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First and foremost you need for the Bundesliga in PES 2017 appropriate editor, with which you can inject the necessary image files in the game. Unfortunately is not broken at PES with the tradition that the licenses for the Bundesliga can not be purchased almost complete. At least Borussia Dortmund makes a difference. However, it is affected by the problem, other European leagues, but there is a way to get the Shirts, coat of arms, and players of the Bundesliga and import other on the PC or the PS4.

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PES 2017: The Bundesliga play &# 8211; How it works&# 8217; s

The way to the Bundesliga in PES 2017 should lead to the community pages of PESGalaxy or PESGaming you first. There, the Community strives each year to optimize the gaming experience away from the licenses. There you can find many players with ideas and further instructions on how to import the desired clubs and leagues in PES 2017. You can find on these pages then the necessary data packages for download.

PES 2017 Bundesliga import

Follow these steps to to play in the Bundesliga in PES 2017:

  1. Visited the two fan sites and upload the corresponding data packet down to you.
  2. Pay attention to the format of the files. Crests and jerseys have as PNG or JPEG be provided with a square format. The resolution should 64&# 215; 64-2048&# 215 2048, respectively. The good thing here is that ye so necessary even the emblems and jerseys of your own favorite team can create, if this is still missing.
  3. Uses a USB flash drive and copies the files in the folder WEPES and ensures that the disk that FAT32 format has.
  4. now selects the Edit mode PES 2017..
  5. There you can the import images replace the existing data. At this point you can the individual areas gradually filter such as team emblems.
  6. now selects the desired files to your USB stick and carry it.
  7. These steps can you keep repeating until you all what you want to integrate it in the game have reached.

With these few steps you should now all desired crest, jerseys, etc. can be used. However, for the Bundesliga you must consider a few more steps that we introduce to you below.

PES 2017 Bundesliga import

PES 2017: So you can import and edit the Bundesliga

To guarantee you desire leagues such as the Premier League import the Bundesliga can, you should the Fantasy Leagues use. Konami, this possibility ready and you can it completely your own or an existing league recreate, in which you can also set the real names of the players. Follow these steps to:

  1. Goes into the area team and selects one of the unlicensed teams that want to replace her.
  2.  now bears the correct name. On PESGalaxy you can follow the example of PES 2016th
  3. In this area you will find a sub-option jerseys, where you can use from the section above the files.
  4. now confirmed your settings and ride gradually continue with the other teams.
  5. Once you have created all the teams in the league, you can set the background information, appearance and Statistics.
  6. The necessary parameters for the faces of almost all leagues found here.
  7. Some of the work can you save yourself by the faces of national team imported.

With these steps you can create you piece by piece an advanced PES 2017 with all the players and the Bundesliga. If you're at it, you can watch the same own team of you and your friends create and show the pros how to bring a triple every year. Good luck in the Bundesliga in PES 2017th