connect PS4 Controller with PC: How To (cable and Bluetooth)

While the Xbox 360 controller, was easily connect to the computer, looked PS3 owners the mark if the game pad has been connected to the computer. The connection between the PS3 controller and PC worked only indirectly. But what is this, if you wish to combine their PS4 controller to the PC?

As you PS4 and Xbox controller can be used on the PC, we tell you easily explained in the following video!

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Sony has thought in this console generation and allows for a secure connection between the PlayStation 4 gamepad and PC. Once connected via USB, the controller is immediately recognized and can be used for PC games.

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You are you sure that you already brings out everything from your PS4? So you can, for example, by double-pressing the Home button quickly between two apps switch back and forth. we show you in the following Bilderstrecke These and other practical tips!

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connect PS4 Controller with PC via USB and Bluetooth with adapter

While a wired connection is not a problem, you need a PC connected to the Bluetooth adapter for wireless games. Note that not every USB Stick supports the PlayStation 4 controller on the PC. A Bluetooth adapter for wireless connection of a PS4 controller on the PC can be found with the Asus USB-BT400 Nano *connect PS4 Controller with PC: How To (cable and Bluetooth)connect PS4 Controller with PC: How To (cable and Bluetooth) (S. Also customer reviews, Updated on 3. 6.). Many notebooks Bluetooth adapter is installed at the factory. Even with this, the connection of the PS4 controller via Bluetooth usually works.


About three years after the release of the console Sony has finally announced also a separate adapter for the Bluetooth connection of PS4 controller with the PC or laptop, as well as Macs.

  1. Plugged the adapter into the USB port of your computer.
  2. After a short connection process, the controller can be used away from the console.
  3. The controller works for. B. at PS4 Remote Play.
  4. With the adapter, the buttons, the analog sticks, the touchpad, the light bar and the headset connector can be used on the PC. The vibration function is supported.

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connect PS4 Controller with PC: How To (cable and Bluetooth)

The official Sony adapter is the safest method to connect the PS4 controller with the PC or Mac. Other Bluetooth devices support the connection, but it may be compatibility problems here.

Is a Bluetooth adapter available, you are looking at the Control Panel and open there the "Hardware and Sound" section ->"Devices and printer". There you choose the option "Add Device". Now the Share button and the PlayStation button must be pressed on the controller to end the white light is on. Now you can connect the PS 4 controller with the Bluetooth adapter, allowing your PC.

  1. asus-usb bluetoothOpen Control Panel.
  2. &# 8220; Hardware and Sound&# 8221; call and &# 8220; Devices and Printers&# 8221; Show leave.
  3. Here you select the option &Add device; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  4. While the computer for Bluetooth devices in the area studied, you click on PS4 Controller the &# 8220; Share&# 8221; button and &PlayStation; # 8220&Button; #. 8221
  5. The light on the controller illuminates the device software is installed and the gamepad is now connected to the PC.
  6. If the PS4 controller then go out again directly, press again &# 8220; Share&and -; # 8221 &# 8220; PS&# 8221; button (thanks to Endrik Strauhs)
  7. Off can you the controller by you keep it pressed for about ten seconds the PS button.

If the PS4 controller once connected via Bluetooth with the PC, the control option is canceled with the console. Do you want the gamepad once again use the console, you PS4 and gamepad will first need to re-connect via Bluetooth with each other, for. For example, by a connection via cable.

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connect PS4 Controller with PC: change key assignment

Want to exercise their other features for the PS4 controller on the PC and z. B. modify the appearance of the controller light according to your desire to use the touchpad as a mouse or change the key assignment will help you the free tool DS4 To XInput wrapper of InhexSTER on.

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Currently, the PS4 controller on the computer nor the outdated Direct Input API. This can cause some problems, or cause inaccuracies in the control. However, Sony is already working on a driver to promise a better connection of Gamepad and computer.

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