Ikea hotline: phone number for customer service and complaint

The Ikea hotline will help you if you have questions to the customer service of the furniture store or want to report a complaint. Read in this guide, such as the telephone number of the hotline is Ikea, to whom ye can call with questions about products and finds out whether the next Ikea has just opened?

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24,134Charging smartphone wirelessly

Ikea hotline: reach customer service phone

The customer service from Ikea can be reached in Germany at the following telephone number:

phone numbercostsReachable
061 92-93 99 99 9Call to German landlines
  • Monday to Friday 8:00 to 20:00
  • Saturday 8:00 to 19:30.
  • Due to the fixed-line tariff are the Cost of Ikea hotline relatively low.
  • As with most hotlines ought ye but in the long waiting times set.
  • Until her to a &# 8220; real&# 8221; Customer service representative arrives, you have also an electronic voice system to make do.
  • You can also contact the Ikea market, you have bought into that.
  • Ikea offers you for a location finder, you can find the appropriate Ikea furniture store online with.
  • Just give to the place the street or zip code in the field.

Your smartphone can you upload from now wirelessly with Ikea Equipment:

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The Swedish furniture chain Ikea is undoubtedly the best-known furniture store in Germany. The product portfolio ranges from classics like the bookshelf "Billy" to the ever-popular rocking chair with the quirky name "Poäng" &# 8211; actually there is no budget, which has not somewhere lying around a piece of furniture from Ikea and now offers the furniture store Ikea even custom emoticons. If you have questions, inform you about the Orderinformation status or want to reach customer service, helps you the Ikea hotline.

reach Ikea customer service online*

Your smartphone can you upload from now wirelessly with Ikea Equipment:


Ikea location finderWith the location finder you can find in your area over the next Ikea market.Tip: The Ikea Hotline can also be reached on Sunday - but you also have to in this case with an electronic customer service representative to make do.

With TRÅDFRI IKEA now has a smart home lighting system in the range. So the clever lamps (Video) propose:

13151IKEA'S smart home lighting TRÅDFRI

Ikea customer service: Report Complaints Online

  • If you are not satisfied with your purchased piece of furniture, you will find a section on complaints in the online help from Ikea.
  • There is also a special contact for complaints.
  • The processing time for a complaint to Ikea is doing maximum 10 days.
Close-up Of Happy Student Working On LaptopThe Ikea hotline is open from Monday to Saturday with customer service representatives.

Before reporting a complaint (or other questions to customer service from Ikea prepared) also it pays well, look in the Client FAQ, where the most common customer queries are answered. In most cases you are are not the only one with your problem and there were already other people with the same question. Before you call the hotline Ikea and several minutes depends on hold her so you should have a look into the FAQ throw. Among the questions to be treated there, including:

  • How can I exchange an item or return?
  • How long must I wait after ordering my goods?
  • How can I change or cancel my order?
  • What do I do if I received wrong or damaged goods or if something is missing?

If all else fails, you can also contact a general inquiry via online form send to Ikea. However, you must speak with processing times of at least 14 days expected. If it can not be really avoid, so you should better look at the FAQ, if the issue is treated there.


Ikea hotline: Wait too long, or not available &# 8211; Tips and solutions

In some cases it may happen that you do not reach the Ikea hotline or the waiting time on the phone is very long. In this case, you can not make a lot of experience has shown, unfortunately, &# 8211; possibly the hotline is just overloaded because too many customers call simultaneously.

Trying best to call at a later time or see if there is not a solution to the online offerings from Ikea (see above). Lest us also also can view how her IKEA catalog online and order.

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