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In The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is available with the Skellige Group set a new playable at cards Gwint. It brings new units, heroes and even new card effects. In this guide we show you how to complete your Skellige card set quickly and tell you the characteristics of each new card.

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For many Gwint is now the actual main reason for playing The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine become and the role play around it is purely decorative. These players may be new, the Skellige deck pleased that this comes as a fifth fraction in the extension. We show you the Locations of the new cards and which has properties the deck.

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The Witcher 3 &# 8211; Blood and Wine: Skellige card set &# 8211; so you get it

Once you arrive in Toussaint, leads you the main quest quite early in a tavern at the bridge. Speak here with the host, playing a game of Gwint against him. Then the quest starts &# 8220; Gwint: Hurray, hurray, Skellige is there&# 8221 ;, which sends you on a hunt for the new cards of the deck. Turns her quest active, it shows you all the NPCs in Toussaint on, against you can play Gwint and you leave one or more cards of Skellige decks for a win.

One of these NPCs Count Monnier in Beauclair. Against him, you should play first because it leaves you not just some basic cards of the deck with a win, but you can also subscribe to a Gwint tournament, what the Quest &# 8220; Gwint: The Great Tournament of Beauclair&# 8221; starts. This should you but only tackle when you played against the remaining 18 NPCs, because in the tournament you have to necessarily take the Skellige deck and should advance practice accordingly.


Sites and Properties

The Skellige deck primarily relies on pure power values ​​with combo cards such as the shield Maiden, War longships and warriors of the clan to Craite. It also brings a whole new capability that provides more tactics in the game. With the Berserk ability be transformed normal units in bears, which increases their strength value. For this you need only the new special card Mardroeme Laying in the corresponding row.

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In the following table you can all cards of Skellige-card set view and get information both on their properties and to their localities.

map Type (starch) skill locality 
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-royal-branKing BranleaderUnits only lose half their strength in bad weather.Eunuch in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-crach-to-craiteCrach to CraiteleaderAll cards from the graveyard of the respective players go back to their card sets.Available from the start.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-mäussackMäussackRanged Hero (8)Mardroeme: All berserk cards in the same row are transformed.Tavern hostess in Francollarts.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-CerysCerysMêlée Hero (10)Shield Maiden summon: Bring all Shield Maiden from the card deck and from the hand into play.Landlady in Flovive.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-hjalmarHjalmarRanged Hero (10)NoCount Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige StormSkellige Stormspecial cardSkellige Rain: The strength of all ranged and siege units will be reduced to 1.Barbier and Gearcrafter on the show grounds and butchers in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-mardroemeMardroemespecial cardMardroeme: All berserk cards in the same row are transformed.Madam in the House of Pleasure and herbalist in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-olafOlafLocal or Ranged (12)Morale Boost: Mobilize all units in the series by +1, except himself.Sommelier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-young-berserkeryoung berserkRanged (2)Berserker: Is transformed into a bear when a Mardroeme card is located in the same row.Armorer on the show grounds and Schneider Pierre in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-pirate-of-clans-DimunPirate clans DimunRanged (6)Burn: The strongest (s) card (s) of both players on the battlefield are killed.Kaufmann in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-kambiKambiCombat (0)Avenger Summon: If this card is removed from the battlefield, a powerful new unit card is summoned, which takes its place.Gearcrafter in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-draig-bon-dhuDraig Bon-DhuSiege (2)Horn of the commander: Doubles the strength of all unit cards in this series. A maximum of one card per turn.Tavern hostess in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-war long shipWar longshipSiege (6)Close bond: Places it next to a card with the same name, to double the strength of both cards.Tavern host on the show grounds.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-easy-long shipLightweight longshipRanged (4)Design: Place cards with the same name in your card deck and play them immediately.Perfumer in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-Shieldmaiden-of-clans-drummondShieldmaiden the Clan DrummondCombat (4)Close bond: Places it next to a card with the same name, to double the strength of both cards.Gearcrafter in Francollarts, Graf Monnier in Beauclair and host at the tavern at the bridge.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige Bowman-of-clans-brokvarArcher clan BrokvarRanged (6)NoHerbalist at the winery Castell Ravello.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-lugos-the-wrongLugo astrayCombat (6)NoCount Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-blue-young lugosBlue Jung LugosCombat (6)NoCount Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-warrior-of-clans-an-craiteWarriors of the Clan of CraiteCombat (6)Close bond: Places it next to a card with the same name, to double the strength of both cards.Count Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-Holger-black handHolger Black HandSiege (4)NoCount Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-donar-to-HindarDonar at HindarCombat (4)NoCount Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-udalrykUdalrykCombat (4)NoCount Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-svanrigeSvanrigeCombat (4)NoCount Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-berserkerBerserkerCombat (4)Berserker: Is transformed into a bear when a Mardroeme card is located in the same row.Count Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-smith-of-clans-TordarrochBlacksmith clan TordarrochCombat (4)NoCount Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-skald-the-clan-heymaeySkalde the clan HeymaeyCombat (4)NoCount Monnier in Beauclair.
the-witcher-3-blood-and-wine-gwint-Skellige-Birna-branBirna BranCombat (2)Healer: Selects a card from your discard pile (not heroic or special card) and play them immediately.Count Monnier in Beauclair.

The following cross-party cards are also in Skellige card set used:

  • feint
  • Horn of the commander
  • Burn
  • bitter cold
  • Extremely dense fog
  • Pouring rain
  • Good weather
  • Geralt of Rivia
  • Cirilla
  • Yennefer of Vengerberg
  • Triss Merigold
  • Villentretenmerth
  • Vesemir
  • Olgierd of Everec
  • Zoltan Chivay
  • Regis Rohellec Terzieff
  • Gaunter O&8217; Dim: Darkness
  • delphinium
  • Gaunter O&8217; Dim
  • mysterious Elf
  • cow

Among the heroes in Gwint you will also find more information in the Guide: The Witcher 3: Hero cards &# 8211; Sites and properties of the powerful Gwint cards

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