Open DMG file (in Windows) – Here’s how

DMG files are in MacOS about what are ISO or EXE files in Windows. Ye can not actually open it in Windows, with the right tools it works nonetheless. We show you how to DMG files open in Windows.

A DMG file is a so-called image file, similar to the ISO format. In MacOS, it is also used to distribute software / install. How can you open it on Windows?

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DMG file: what is it?

  • DMG look for disk image and can not be read by default in Windows.
  • Frequently a DMG file contains additional files to install software on a Mac.
  • In Windows you use a DMG file very little. Under certain circumstances, you have to open them anyway or convert.
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Open DMG file (Windows)

The free 7-Zip can open DMG files.The free 7-Zip can open DMG files.

To open a DMG file in Windows, you make the following:

  1. Installs you the free pack tool 7-Zip. If you want to install any software, you can use the portable version.
  2. Starts 7-Zip and navigate to the folder of the DMG file.
  3. Click to open the file, double-click it. Now you see the hidden in folder structures.
  4. You can click in the folders and files contained the mouse button, hold down and drag it to another folder or to the desktop, to decompress it.

Gallery DMG Extractor

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Alternatively, it uses the DMG Extractor. he can open DMG files on Windows. In the 30-day free trial, however, you can extract only a limited number of files. The full version * costs about 8 euros.

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Who needs to regularly open in Windows DMG files, however, need to look at the tool even as it offers several convenient tools to do so. Otherwise, there remains only the handle for Apple computer or a virtual machine with MacOS.

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