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You have bought you this day FIFA 16 and still have never had a football game for PS4, Xbox 360 and Co. held in the hands or just want to call the control commands and buttons on the controller for execution of the various actions in memory? In earlier times, new games always was a manual for such questions. Meanwhile, renounce game developers for cost and environmental reasons a printed manual, so even with FIFA 16th

The most important information about FIFA 16 you will also find in our video:
10532The most important information about FIFA 16
Although the gameplay is almost self-explanatory, there is a detailed manual for FIFA 16, you still even download a free PDF can. WerFIFA used on the PC 16, the manual can be downloaded directly through Origin.

1080396 What's new in FIFA 16: From because nothing new!

Download instructions as PDF: FIFA 16 Manual

The following links you can FIFA 16 instructions for PC, PlayStation 4, Download PS3 and Xbox One and 360:

  • Playstation 4
  • XBox One
  • Playstation 3
  • XBox 360
  • PC
FIFA-16 ManualRead FIFA 16 Manual in the browser online

Each guide is in approximately 25 to 30 pages all important functions and Featuers of FIFA 16 on the various platforms. Divided the manual into the following chapters:

  1. Full control
  2. What's new in FIFA 16
  3. game start
  4. Main Menu +
  5. How to Play
  6. Do you need help?
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FIFA 16 Manual: manual with control and more

The manual can you z. see for example, all buttons for control and as such. B. learn which buttons you can stop a ball deliberately, like a forward pass is performed and how can perform tricks. Even accurate information on penalties or free kicks are given in the manual. In addition, a detailed description of all special moves can be found in the manual for FIFA 16th Whether you want to perform a roulette ball roll or Rainbow, the user guide for FIFA 16 in PDF format provides information. In addition, all voice commands for FIFA there are specified 16th So can you certain functions, such as the player or camera change also conveniently run by voice instead of the controller input.

Download instructions as PDF: FIFA 16 Manual

We show you also how the new dribbling controls in FIFA 16 functions and what you should consider when buying FIFA 16 Coins.

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