The opposite of Ctrl + Z: Undo & amp; restore

In many programs under Windows, z. As in, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl" + "Z" for it to make a previous entry reversed. z. For example, to delete a sentence being written in Word. The key combination "Ctrl" + "Z2 also has an opposite, with which the input can be undone.

Of course you can "Ctrl" + "Z" key repeatedly to undo multiple commands again. But what to do when you have the keyboard shortcut used to often and as such. As important text blocks were accidentally deleted?

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do Ctrl + Z undo: how it works

Ctrl-z-yDo not worry, Windows, there is a key combination that does the opposite of what "Ctrl" + "Z" does. Do you want to make typing "Ctrl" + "Z" rückgägng that goes as follows:

  • "Ctrl" + "Y"
  • Many programs have established their own button with which to take the last step undo or retrieve finds can. The button can be recognized by a curved arrow. If the arrow to the left, the last step is canceled, he points to the right, the Undo made is restored.
  • Often, the combination works "Ctrl "+ Shift +" Z ", something to restore.

Also on the Mac you have to do without the undo make function:

  • The Mac equivalent of "Ctrl" + "Z" ⌘ + Z
  • is the opposite of this, + Shift + z

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The opposite of Ctrl + Z

So will you make the "Undo" -Make reversed, used under Word and Co. "Ctrl" + "Y". Thereby ensures that the keyboard is aligned with the German layout, since the positions of "Y" and "Z" are reversed on the hard disk in the English QWERTY model and so, of course, get her the opposite effect.

With us you will find many more tips for everyday life under Windows. So we show you about what you can do if you have adjusted the keyboard or the screen is upside down. can learn from us and with which key combination to search and replace


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