Protected PDF Print without additional software: Simple

If you want to print a protected PDF file, which is not so easy to rule. One way is to install additional software, remove with her to PDF can write protection &# 8211; but this is cumbersome, also maybe you want to install any new programs on your computer. In the following article, we show you how you can print protected PDF with the Windows tool.

Protected PDF Print without additional software: Simple

Guns PDF Print &# 8211; Step by step

Main problem with Printing Secure PDF: You can open though and Select dialog box, the printer with which you print the protected PDF file want &# 8211; because of the copy they get there but unfortunately not. To work around this problem, you have to use to print the built-in Windows standard Microsoft XPS Document Writer. The whole thing works like this:

  1. Opens the protected Pdf who want to print it, with Adobe Reader and click on Print (alternate keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + P).
  2. This opens the Print menu where you can make your settings: you can set the very top, want to use their which printer (see screenshot).

PDF Print

  1. Opens the drop-down menu and selects the printer instead of your default printer to Microsoft XPS Document Writer &# 8211; the Document Writer print the file directly, but rather transforms it into an XPS document that you can print out then.
  2. Click OK. This opens a new window, you will be asked where, specify the location for the XPS file. If you want to print them directly, you can easily switch to the desktop.
  3. Then you give the file a name yet, and then click Save.

 Guns PDF Print &# 8211; Print converted file

The protected Pdf file is now converted into XPS format. Now you can print them as normal.

  1. Opens the XPS file and click the File tab.
  2. From the drop-down menu you choose the Print option.
  3. This opens the Print menu of the XPS Document Writer (see screenshot).

XPS Print

  1. Selects your default printer, and then click Print.
  2. The converted into XPS format protected PDF is then printed as normal.

Also read our Guide to convert XPS to PDF: so it goes online with free download. Here we show you how you can convert back to PDF XPS file.

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