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If you order something online or classic printed from the catalog, the probability is high that the shipment will be delivered by DHL. If, after the order states that it has an incorrect address or pulling spontaneous order, the question arises whether we can change the delivery address when DHL.

A subsequent change is possible only in rare cases. Find out here how this works.

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DHL: Delivery address subsequently change only possible

Under certain circumstances, your package has not even been edited and not sent accordingly. Provide it shortly after the order states that you have entered the wrong address, you should contact the seller immediately. This can even customize the delivery address may. When you pay by PayPal, one should note that the seller protection no longer applies if the shipment is sent to another as in the transaction registered address. Here you should cancel the payment and perform again, specifying the correct data.

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If the order already have been processed, the change is not so simple:

  • Are you registered to the online service at *, you also during shipping nor the possibility to adjust the address.
  • obtained through the Service "DHL Wunschpaket" an email with the tracking number once the parcel has been sent.
  • Via the mail, you can change the delivery location to a limited extent. A completely new address can not be specified here. So it's about impossible to have a DHL delivery supply to work instead of going home afterwards.
  • but the DHL provides the ability to specify a Wunschablageort or select a neighbor to which the delivery is to be preferentially released.
  • Even a short-term delivery to a branch near is possible in this way.

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To make sure nothing goes wrong: So you labeled packages correctly.


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Change shipping address with DHL: This one should note

If a program is sent to an unknown address, it is usually marked "addressee unknown" back to the sender. Was only one letter or number Dreher installed, the possibility is high that the DHL determines the correct address itself.

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