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With Steam Broadcasting her your gameplay transmits live and let watch friends or other Steam users. You can give you real-time statements, if you are not progressing at one point. Thus Valve responds to the huge success of Twitch and brings summarily its own broadcast service to the market. What can you do if Steam Broadcasting does not work, we'll tell you in this guide.

To expand the range of digital distribution platform Steam, Valve Corporation introduced in december 2014 the twitch competitors Steam Broadcasting one. So users can not only share their screen including gameplay with others, but also comment on the audience live. Beginning in May 2016 Steam also added VR games added to the broadcast service. So you can now HTC-Vive games in real time transfer. However, this also has extra some mistakes. Thus, although sometimes goes the sound, but there is no picture and vice versa. What can you do if Steam broadcast does not work, we show you in this article.

Five Useful Tips for Steam you see in this video:

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disable Steam Broadcasting and protect privacy

With the introduction of Steam Broadcasting there was no setting that you turn off the service completely could you. You could only choose that other Steam users only have access to your broadcast, if you have previously invited. On Beta Update from January 2015 lets you explicitly disable the service but. So if you have big problems with Steam Broadcasting, you can just turn off it.

here goes&# 039; s to Steam Broadcasting*

So their Steam broadcast switches off:

  1. Click on Steam at the top left.
  2. Navigate to Settings and then transfers.
  3. Under privacy settings you will find a drop-down menu that lets you disable broadcasting.
  4. There is, incidentally, more settings. So you can for example, decide whether only your friends can look at a steam broadcast from you.

Steam Workshop: What is it?

Steam broadcast does not work? We have prepared some solutions for you.Steam broadcast does not work? We have prepared some solutions for you.

Steam broadcast does not work: The can you do

Below we have some Problems and support to list for you that you can try it if Steam broadcast can not. Is your problem not listed? Then we leave a Comment, that we or other users can help you.

  • First make certain that you have done everything correctly when signing up for Broadcasting. As you you can register just for this Steam feature, you read here: Steam Broadcasting: Stream games and view &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s.
  • Has a computer with her Mac OSX or Linux, we must disappoint you unfortunately. Although you can see broadcasts from other users, but does not itself stream. The same goes for Windows Vista users. Currently, only supports Windows 7 and 8. FIG.
  • Do you see a placeholder in the picture, it can come from the fact that this inserts stream as soon as you change from game to another program. Broadcasting is characterized namely only the video game.
  • Your viewers can you not hear? By default, they only hear the game sounds. Click through the settings to enable other sounds.
  • Steam Broadcasting works only if you no banned account used. In addition, you must have already purchased something on Steam. Have you freshly logged in you, counts as one &# 8220; limited Account&# 8221 ;. This restriction will not be lifted until her something worth at least $ 5 buys. Until that date, certain functions are enabled, such as Steam Broadcasting.
Do you have an operating system that is not supported by Steam Broadcasting, it looks u.U. so when you out.Do you have an operating system that is not supported by Steam Broadcasting, it looks u.U. so when you out. (Source: Steam Community)
  • Steam works broadcast not in your browser? Pay attention to the following conditions of your browser:
    • Steam client
    • Google Chrome Version 39+
    • Apple Safari version 8+ on OSX
    • Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8
    • Mozilla Firefox 42+
  • Various contents are prohibited. Racism, discrimination or pornographic content, for example, locked.
  • Can not you look at a stream, you may have locked the streamer.
  • Since broadcasting is still in the beta version, some issues with the available bandwidth occur. Steam writes to it according to the principle &# 8220; first-come, first-served&# 8221; handle. So will you stream at a time in which many other users want to do that, you should try again later.
  • Is the bitrate or that Video format not correct? Jerky picture? This can readjust it in the settings of the Steam client.
  • Do you have more problems and Steam Broadcast still does not work, you should take a look at the official Steam discussions on Steam throw Broadcasting.

Read on us, as you can change the language of the Steam client or set a new skin for Steam.

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