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Premiere: EMUI first time App Drawer

EMUI 5.0 app drawerIn EMUI 5.0, there is the first time an app drawer, which should delight especially friends of stock Android.

In addition to the many small and large optical changes are in EMUI 5.0 but also tangible new features. For the first time in Huawei's user interface as an App Drawer is available. While previously already installed and newly downloaded apps were simply placed on the home screen, is now available in the settings, select a classic App Drawer.

In the App Drawer themselves all installed apps can be found via a sidebar with letters from A to Z scrolling through extra-long app collections is facilitated and if not a specific application is found at the top of the screen is a search there. Directly below, see App suggestions. Especially Android purists are likely to find in this new choice favor, they can but now completely customize the home screen your own by Gusto - sort into folders with no apps or having to rely on third-party alternatives.

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Editable camera modes

editable-camera-modi-EMUI 5.0Thanks editable camera modes, the user can slide their way around his favorite options individually.

Avid smartphone photographers rejoice at EMUI 5.0 on editable camera modes. Who never used as the "Beauty mode", it regularly but the panorama feature, both options may be changing places. With the exception of basic photo function all modes are freely. Additional camera modes such as document scanners can also be easily added to the selection page.

App cloning

app-cloning-EMUI 5.0About the app cloning of use is the same app with two accounts possible.

An extremely handy feature in EMUI 5.0 is the app cloning. So that users can sign up for one and the same app with two different accounts simultaneously. Especially in communication apps function its strengths and allows, for example, the use of two WhatsApp- or Facebook accounts at the same time. Ideal if you want to separate business and personal accounts about strictly.

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will get new features under the hood and what devices EMUI 5.0: on the next page.