Windows 10: Change Desktop – Here’s how

In Windows 10 you can use virtual desktops to work structured. As you easily switches between desktops, we will tell you here.

Uses the following keyboard shortcuts to switch to Windows 10 quickly switch between desktops.

Windows + Ctrl + Leftdesktop Switch to the left
Windows + Ctrl + Rightdesktop Switch to the right
Windows + TabOpens the overview of the virtual desktops
Windows + Ctrl + DCreated new desktop
Windows + Ctrl + F4Closes current desktop
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On devices with a touchscreen you wipe on the desktop simply left or right if you've already created new desktops. In the following, we show how the whole thing works without shortcuts.

Windows 10: Change Desktop

Click on the button next to Cortana to switch between desktops.Click on the button next to Cortana to switch between desktops.

In Windows 10, there is a new button in the taskbar to the right of the search box Cortana.

  • Click on the Button task view to all current virtual desktop display (shortcut: Ctrl + Windows + D).
  • At the bottom of the screen centered all active desktops are displayed.
  • Bottom right can add their new desktops.
  • If you restarts Windows 10, the number of virtual desktops is retained, however, the other open windows close.

As you move between windows and programs and virtual desktops that can still make you everything you learn here: Windows 10: Set up multiple, virtual desktops and use.

That you change desktops by moving the mouse to a corner of the screen, do not exist unfortunately. Here, Microsoft can still abgucken a lot of MacOS or Linux.

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