Forgot BIOS Password: So you can reset the password

you have access to various functions and settings for your PC, for using the BIOS. As changing the boot order or ways to overclock the PC. In order to prevent the BIOS from unauthorized access, you can set a password for access. But what can you do if you have forgotten the BIOS password?

Forgot BIOS Password: So you can reset the password

To reset the password B IOS there are several paths that are presented here.

Forgot BIOS Password: solutions and support

In some systems, it may happen that a default password for the BIOS is used. Even after changing the password, it can be carried out, that is granted through the default password access to the BIOS. On contains a list of the most common default passwords for BIOS access. In addition, can be found on the page various tricks for the BIOS and shortcuts on how to access your own PC's BIOS. Usually BIOS versions come with two different passwords:

  • Supervisior
  • User

The supervisor may thereby make changes to the BIOS, the user can influence the operating system boot. Should you have forgotten the BIOS password, it often helps the battery-powered CMOS or NVRAM to delete. This you can achieve by removing the motherboard battery. This may well be that the battery needs to be taken a few hours from the motherboard until the BIOS password reset has been. Alternative, the jumper can be reset.

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Forgot BIOS Password: So you can reset the password

Forgot BIOS Password: Repair

Do you have a notebook, however, things are more difficult, if you your BIOS should have forgotten password. Since you usually do not have a proper access to the jumper here can be also difficult to reset the password. Here, only one of the above default passwords helps. When you can hereby produce no access to the BIOS, you have no other choice than to see a PC specialist or repair service. A call to the manufacturer of the notebook can help you in some cases. In a proof that you are the lawful owner of the notebook for. As per sales slip a universal master password for the BIOS can be made available to you here.

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