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Sell ​​at the Flea Market app Shpock and buy is not just for shopping Queens. Even bargain hunters in the field of used consoles, bicycles or furniture come in this online garage sale via Android smartphone, iOS device, or on the website at their expense. Want to delete it your Shpock account, you read in our following guide how to do it easily.

With Shpock you can conveniently buy and sell from the home sofa used things. unsheathed smartphone, shot photos and provided with a small description of your goods and chattels lands in the online flea market. Have you with your free account no success or are you the Shpock costs for the premium account too high, we tell you below how you
delete shpock


delete shpock &# 8211; so you can have your account at the flea market app terminate


Do you want somewhere to use a flea market online to be able to sell your things privately online or in the future prefer offline purchase on the next street flea market used stuff, you can in your account
delete shpock

. These can be found in the Spock-app itself no menu item. You must send an e-mail to Shpock. It must contain the following information:

  • registered E-mail address at Shpock
  • User Name
  • A short explanation what you do not like to Shpock is to help the developers to improve the app.

Sends the mail to [email protected]

shpockDo you want the Flohmarktapp, You have to write an email.

delete shpock &# 8211; so you can disable the Newsletter at Shpock

If too many buyers to withdraw their bid, and you remain sitting on your used goods, which is annoying. That on a purchase agreement between private must be respected and much respected. But frequent newsletters can dampen the positive Shpock experience. Do you regularly mails about once looking for things in the mailbox, we show you here how you this service at
delete shpock


  1. Open your Shpock flea market app.
  2. Click top left to get to the three bars or on the magnifying glass to search agents.
  3. Here you see your last searches listed on you will be kept informed. Click the X next to the keyword so that the search agent for these products is turned off.

delete shpock

You can your saved searches on the website Shpock delete by you log in there with your user data and deletes the search agents in the menu.

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