Deadpool Movie review: What a tasteless, infantile crap!

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Deadpool has a curious history. Created by a not very popular comic book artist as a cheap copy of a DC-figure, the cheeky mercenaries from the "New Mutants" -Lesern was initially more tolerated than loved. It was only when he started thanks to author Joe Kelly, the Marvel nest from which it was hatched in 1991 to polluted with thin jokes and thick blood splashes, grew its fan base. Dead pools breakthrough came finally through the fourth wall, which earned him the status of unofficial jester of the Marvel Universe. Deadpool may what no one else can. He must expose the comic world. With his first own movie fans are now hoping that history repeats itself in the cinema and Deadpool the current status quo of the comic book adaptation - to put it in his own words - in "fucks the ass". 

And indeed - it is an amazing amount fucked in this deliberately deranged comic book adaptation directed by the debutant Tim Miller. People, mutants, animals, brains, political correctness, topographic maps of Utah, Liam Neeson, plenty of screenwriting clichés and of course the super hero himself - everything will someday somehow times fucked by anyone.

Of course, only verbally, of course. "Deadpool" does have an amazingly loose for Marvel ratios mouth, but apart from a couple of shots to the head and severed body parts the whole remains then but the secure framework of an American action film.

That this action film was able to develop thanks to the damp euphoria Comic Con-Kids in recent months into a veritable hype that shows exactly two things: first, how horrible Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool) first appearance in the film world was ( "X-Men : Origins ") and how great is the desire of his fans after a factory faithful adaptation.

On the other hand, the shaft speaks of encouragement on which "Deadpool" since its trailer unveiling surfing, even for acute overdue a mutation in the superhero genre. Beyond the smart colorful adventures of the Marvel brand and the seriously dismal formula of DC waiting for the big nothing. For this nothing the Messiah "Deadpool" is now produced inject as challenging underdog. Yes, lol, I said spraying.

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Deadpool criticism: Lol, he said splash

What we already were at the crux of the matter. For whom "Deadpool" is actually done? Primarily for the fans, that one must clearly say.

And which are known to the following: amoral anti-hero, breaking the fourth wall, pop culture Hyper-referencing, clever swipes toward Marvel and DC, not quite as clever penile, Popo- and vagina jokes, ironisierter sexism, permanent Wortspiel- Dissen associated with the brutal death of anonymous Henchmen and coarse dried one-liners. Approximately 90% of the film consists of exactly those elements. You have to know.

From this perspective, "Deadpool" has become a real feast for his fans. The Secret screening photos of enthusiastic supporters who Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) presented the Internet, absolutely correspond to the facts - who likes the comics who will love this film. And wholeheartedly. Love so much in fact, that some fans might want to sleep at the end of this film, and his nipples very gently ... Sorry, I stiff from. Where were we?

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Oh, the conclusion. The rest of the world should definitely stay out. No shit. Although the breathtaking mass of artfully presented gags and wonderfully infantile bullshit that unleashes this film to his nonchalant and pleasurable way every second, it makes you forget time and again - except his venomous humor and a few headshots "Deadpool" is not very much to Offer.

The two notable action sequences are staged beautifully playful, but stand out from comparable works hard on. A "Kick-Ass" &# 8220; Kingsman: The Secret Service&# 8221; or "Wanted" had about as visually a lot more under the hood. The finals can be understood even as a bit of a disappointment in terms of action and excitement. The same applies to the somewhat bland villain, from which one would have liked a lot more than a few good reflexes in this particular film. The action itself also fits into a single set, and is ultimately only in revenge motives and the eternal Damsels in Distress.

There remains the challenge mentioned at the usually stuffy superheroes. Even if it makes a lot of fun, "Dead Pool" to watch it as it sets a steaming pile of contempt on the morale of his colleagues, in the end he will have been produced as a court jester. Although authorized to say what no one else can say &# 8211; ruler them, however, are not good. And so can not make a state with "Deadpool". But laugh and expose that can be better with him than with any other cartoon character out there.



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