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The best apps for smartphones and tablets (Android, iPhone, iPad)

Sebastian Trepeschon 28/12/2016 at 15:10

So many apps are available in the app stores, since it is not easy to keep track. Here we call you 12 of the best apps, all of them have distinguished themselves through awards and / or top downloads. Whether iPhone, iPad or Android device, these applications have to know her:

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The best apps: information and download links  

Without presented below apps the smart phone is more or less - incomplete. they have received top places in the download charts all, most were also able to collect numerous awards. Applications which, although often charged, but are still poor, we have not included. So it really is up good apps (Although not every version is well always the same).

In addition to a brief introduction, we introduce the Download links for the Apple App Store (IOS, so iPhone and iPad) and the Play Store Google (Android) on. The title is available for Android as well as directly from the developer or in other download portals such as Amazon, to a large extent and Windows versions are available.

Only two apps we call at the end of which there is an Android only, one is only for iOS.

More products with good apps

Here in the best apps we list only a small demolition of applications that are worth an installation. On GIGA we recommend specifically covering different areas and for different devices more good apps.

Good apps for Android:

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  • Top System apps for Android
  • Top Root Apps for Android
  • Top Dating Apps for Android
  • Top Android Wear-Apps

Good apps for iPhone and iPad:

  • must have iPhone apps
  • must have iPad apps
  • Best Apps 2015 for iPhone & iPad
  • Best Apps 2016 for iPhone & iPad
  • Photo Apps for iPhone
  • TV apps for iPad and iPhone
  • iOS 9: multitasking-Apps
  • Productivity apps for iPhone & iPad
  • Flirt and dating apps for iPhone
  • Bike Navigation Apps for iPhone
  • Weather Apps for iPhone and iPad
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