Snap repeat and play again in Snapchat – Simply

In Snapchat you can repeat a snap and play a video (or picture) again after you've watched it you before. For this you can the built-replay function of Snapchat use or application of a third-party. We show you how the whole works and can as you repeat a snap.

Snap repeat and play again in Snapchat - Simply

Snap repeat in Snapchat

The instant messaging app Snapchat is based on a simple principle: Users of the app can shoot snapshots (snaps) in video or image form and send to others. The trick: Once watched the message itself destroyed but now it is possible to repeat a snap and you to look at the message again.. Snapchat provides to a built-replay function (repeat) with the you can replay the snap. There are also various snap-store third-party apps &# 8211; also that you can watch again (more on that below) to snap.

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repeat snap &# 8211; Enable replay function

Before you can activate the replay function in Snapchat, you must first ensure that their at least version 6.1.0 (Or later) of Snapchat on your smartphone you. If this is not the case, you go to the App Store of your smart and updates the app there. Then you snap replay activated as follows:

  1. Starts Snapchat.
  2. Opens the inbox by her wipes from the left across the screen.
  3. the gear icon (on the screen above right) to open tip the settings.
  4. Tapping from the submenu Additional services Manage. So you can see all additional options of Snapchat.
  5. now activates the repeat function by their represents the corresponding switch to On.
Enable Snap ReplayFirst you have to activate in the settings the replay function in Snapchat.

In order for the replay is enabled and you can look at you a snap again. Read on to see how that goes. We show you also what the Snapchat star means.

So you play a snap off again

You can both images and photos that you get over Snapchat repeat. so goes&# 8217; s:

Note: To repeat a snap, you have 24 hours after the first viewing of the Snaps Time. After that, the message is finally gone. Also, you can snap a repeat only once. With the last update Snapchat has indeed the possibility snaps even after 24 hours and watch more than once &# 8211; however, costs money. From this option, you should therefore better refrain.
  1. Opens the snap and looks it to you (hold for videos, tap twice for images) at the first time.
  2. Opens the Snap thereafter within 24 again.
  3. Now a window opens and asks for the confirmation of the repetition. Taps on repetition.
  4. Then the snap reappears.

In addition, there also there are different storage third-party apps &# 8211; also so that you can repeat a snap. In the next section we show you some of these apps.

 Repeat snap with memory App

Meanwhile, there are numerous storage third-party apps, which can replay it snaps. The most famous include:

  • SnapSeeker (Android)
  • SnapBox (IOS)
  • Snapkeep (IOS)

With these apps you can open a snap and store on your mobile phone, however, the respective snap must be unopened ie you shall no longer have to even look at him you. Simply log into the appropriate app Snapchat username. Then you see a list of all unopened Snaps in your inbox. Invite you to snap, to want to save her, on your smartphone down &# 8211; then you can watch the image or the video at any time. More information to be found in this article: Snapchat: store images &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s 2015 and without screenshot.

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