Postbank deposit machine: locations and operation of self-service machines

The first self-service branch of Postbank launched as a pilot project in 2010 in Dusseldorf and since then the offer for self-service has been steadily and successfully expanded. Also, the depositing of money is possible at the slots, unless you have one of them within easy reach. As her can find out and if there is something to keep in mind you can read here. 

Postbank deposit machine: locations and operation of self-service machines

Postbank deposit machines operates, is not so long been the case, but the fact itself is a great relief to many of their customers. Unfortunately, can be used and not other institutions, such as Deutsche Bank's cash contribution exclusively machines of Postbank.

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Postbank deposit machine: So can you find him

On all deposit machines Postbank, it is possible to deposit cash in bills. In some locations, it is also possible to transfer coins to the account. The search for these machines locations is analogous to branches search at Postbank:

  1. By clicking on this link you come to the post office ATMs search.
  2. Into the search now you give one of your zip code.
  3. Then it filters the search by her with a check mark deposit banknotes or one at deposit coins puts.
  4. Then you click on search and you will be shown on a map the locations of the machines.

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Postbank deposit machine pilot store

Postbank deposit machine: No one in your neighborhood?

Meanwhile, almost 90% of Postbank customers use the self-service and it is hoped that maybe soon comes a machine in your vicinity. Postbank offers you to praise and blame portal *, can cast on you your opinion. So there is your displeasure that your area of ​​Postbank is still undersupplied, good hands.

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