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"Find My iPhone" function does Apple not only the chaotic and forgetful of the world a favor, but also theft victims. but if you're planning, your iPhone to sell, or no longer needs the service, we will help you while continuing to deactivate it.

disable Find My iPhone - Here's how

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Unless the battery is not empty, you have the opportunity through this service always find out where your iPhone is. Especially handy when you have forgotten in your apartment with a laundry pile the device, or it has fallen under the bed. "Play Sound" option, you could play a loud sound then, with which you can determine the location of the iPhone within seconds.

disable Find My iPhone - why it may be necessary

my-iphone-looking-screenshotAbout iCloud you can see exactly where your iPhone is.

There are some reasons to disable the practical service of Apple. If you your iPhone sold, for example, the service is no longer necessary for you. but the buyer can then also restore the iPhone, with activated function otherwise impossible. The same applies to old equipment that you no longer use. Also very important: Do you want your iPhone to give in to repair or have to leave it even exchange, then you have even disable the feature, since an exchange or repair is not possible otherwise.

disable Find My iPhone - directly via the iPhone

iphone-lookingFind My iPhone is a practical service that you can also easily disable.

Do you have an iPhone with iOS 7 or later, you need to deactivate the appropriate Apple ID and related can you do the following:

  1. Tap on the screen to "Settings".
  2. Go to the menu item "iCloud".
  3. Disables the switch "Find My iPhone".
  4. Give as a final step just the password of your Apple ID and you're done!

disable Find My iPhone - via iCloud

but as an alternative you can function using the iCloud off. Very important: the wish to carry her out of iCloud and from the service, must be turned off the unit.

  1. Login you one on the website of iCloud.
  2. There you then clicks on the icon "My iPhone".
  3. Next, you'll see a card - under the "all devices" you will find all registered devices and can choose the that you want to remove.
  4. Click on the Remove icon.
  5. does not turn the affected iPhone on again, otherwise it will automatically be linked again with the Apple ID.

If you sold the device and want to prevent it nevertheless appears further with you, you should remove the device directly. Click of the dialogue that you offer this option. Then you must enter your Apple ID and password. Give following a no phone number or message because the iPhone is not lost. Once the device is online, remote wipe is activated and you'll get an email when it is deleted. Then you must "remove account" it only from and another person it can activate accordingly.