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PDF join - or sometimes PDF Merge - called the process by which multiple PDF files are combined into one file. The PDF Split it comes to cutting such files. Since this is a technically very simple process, you can do it online. Data protection is important, it's easy with a freeware tool.

PDF join, connections to "join" =, it is called when two or more PDF files are "glued" into a single file. This can be useful, for example, if one wants to unite the different parts of an application. You can also cut PDF files for later put together in a new order - this process is also called PDF Split. Both are technically more difficult than multiple Word files put together, so there are even online sites that offer you this. However, you should consider doing that you can not guarantee privacy on such sites. In the event you can do that too easily with a freeware program on your own PC.

Even with the tool PDFCreator can assemble their PDF files. Here is a PDF join somewhat more complicated.

53006PDFCreator - Merge Documents

perform PDF join or split online

A PDF join is technically quite simple. Wherefore ye may be also merge your PDF online. If the contents of the files are not super secret, an online service lends itself to that. You must install a program and gets delivered the result immediately.

pdf-join-onlineA PDF join is also possible online

One of the easiest ways to do this can be found on a Web page that supports drop of PDF files with the mouse: Put on the desired PDFs easy on the storage array, the order assigns perhaps with the mouse and then click "Merge". The process will take - depending on the size of the files - for a moment and then you can watch download the result or sent to you in email.

If are you getting the rearrange pages of an existing PDF file, then the file must first be cut into individual pages. This PDF Split can you also do online. Here you load a file to the server and let it there in several defined parts disassemble, which you can download as a .zip file then.

  1. For this you call the browser on this site.
  2. Using the mouse, you can move to the edit box to be cut file.
  3. Once the file is uploaded, you can set below the upload field, to take place after how many sides of the cut in each case. Do you want to have each page of the file as a single PDF file, then let the value are to 1.
  4. Click on the button divide.

Now the file is processed and then is available for download. The ZIP file contains the cut file to the set of you segments. Example: Have you selected 3, all three sides is carried out a cut.

PDF Split and Join in Windows

If it is data not allowed to land on third-party servers or files to upload are simply too big, you can perform as a PDF or join a previous PDF Split also on your own computer. A very practical and easy to use program for this purpose is PDF Shaper. This free tool can handle multiple tasks of PDF editing and also make their pitch next to the assembling of PDF files.

pdf-join-shaperPDF Shaper can PDF files together but also cut

PDF Split PDF Shaper:

  1. Starts the program and click on the left content.
  2. To her right now selects divide.
  3. In the following window you can involve or one or more files it with a click on the mouse add load.
  4. In the tab options labeled their "lines according to number of pages" and sets the counter to, for example, the first
  5. Now click perform. After you've selected a destination folder of the PDF Split is executed according to your specifications.

For example, the data is now back together in a new order, it uses the connection option of the program.

So you will do any PDF join with the program:

  1. Starts PDF Shaper and clicks content.
  2. Selects the right window, select Put together.
  3. This opens a window where you PDF files with the mouse or by clicking on add can sign.
  4. The sequence can, with buttons Rauf and down to change. What contain the files, you can look forward to a single click Preview display.
  5. Once everything is correct, just click and perform and the program will combine the files. You will be asked in advance for a file name.

The process is quite fast, even with large files. The option metadata allow yourself to even enter an author, keywords or a title in the new PDF file that is displayed in the Properties dialog. In a further step, you can also set a password protection or insert a watermark with the program.