What sound card do I have? – so you can find out

If you want to download about the correct drivers for your sound card, you must know which sound card you have. We show in this tip on how you enter Windows to the name of your sound card.

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What sound card do I have?

Today, the sound card is usually integrated into the mainboard - they are so &Onboard; # 8220&# 8221 ;. These can not be so easily checked from the outside as the sound card is now actually called. This information is useful for example if you want to install the latest drivers.

Tip: however, when additional purchased sound card (offboard), sitting in one of the motherboard slots, a simple look at the sound card: there, the manufacturer and the model is often noted.

find sound card

  1. Presses the Run dialog with the keys Windows + R.
  2. Typing dxdiag and confirmed with the Enter key.
  3. on the System tab, if not already clicked up.
  4. Here you can see at system manufacturers and system model which motherboard you have.

    Here is your motherboard, so you can find out which sound card sits on it.Here is your motherboard, so you can find out which sound card sits on it.

  5. If you then searches the Internet in combination with the word &Sound card; # 8220&# 8221 ;, should find her your onboard sound card.
  6. Your also can click on the tab, etc. Sound 1 or Sound. 2
  7. There, all your sound devices are listed, including sound card.
  8. In our example, we'll find it under Sound 1: there the onboard sound card Realtek High Definition Audio is installed.Here is a sound card Realtek is installed.Here is a sound card Realtek is installed.


Tip: Alternatively, you can look in the Windows Device Manager.

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out sound card via Windows Device Manager

  1. Presses the Windows + R. Give keys and confirmed devmgmt.msc. The Device Manager opens.
  2. Looks in the hardware list under Sound, video and game controllers.
  3. Here the sound card is also listed.
The Device Manager displays the sound card.The Device Manager displays the sound card.

Note: If your PC you indicating there only an unknown device that your sound card can be, but in which no or incorrect driver is still installed. then update clicks in the case, double-click the entry and click the tab driver on the button driver. Here you can find out how their other hardware can read.

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