XING costs – What you have to pay and for what?

The XING costs are only an issue if you want to use more than the basic services. What you have to pay for a premium membership, what you get for it and where you can save, we will tell you here.

The limited basic membership is free. Only with a premium membership you can use XING completely. But what are the costs for such an extended XING account? And what you pay there? We tell you what XING costs, in what ways the memberships and whether the well worthwhile.

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XING: cost of a premium membership

Who wants to use XING really intense, needs the so-called premium membership. With XING for costs incurred which are staggered among other things, on the duration and method of payment. The cheapest is it when you uses the discount offered at the new login. Here is a Discount of 50 percent possible. Even later, there are always discount offers, but rarely the savings are so high.

xing-cost-first-loginXING costs at the new login

XING costs at a glance

There are two times for the premium membership. You can book 3 or 12 months. Since the membership fees must be paid in advance, there is a discount on the annual membership.

These are the normal XING costs:

  • 3 months costs per month 9.95 EUR.
  • 12 months XING cost per month 7.95 EUR.

However, these costs rarely actually incurred on XING. Constantly there are any discounts. At present (March 2017), there is a 20 percent discount, so that only 7.95 Euro per month are due for 3 months, during year contract monthly costs only 6.35 euros. But that is about 76 euros for a year! So you should really look at what you get for "XING Premium".

Attention: XING-cost extension!

After the expiration of the selected period the XING Premium membership is automatically extended again for the same period if you do not announce on XING. This notice must be given before the end of the current term of 3 weeks.

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What does XING Premium?

XING should bring you to its cost anything. So what are the advantages of a premium account? To answer this question, one must first clarify for themselves what they want or actually on XING expects XING. Who "only sometimes look" wants, who is from friends or former and current colleagues on XING who comes with the basic membership from. Since not quite as many search results are spat (10 instead of 300), but eventually enough.

Interesting is XING, if you have an increased stalking need and if you want to really take advantage of professional service. On the one hand, the service displays its premium members complete information about the visitors of their own XING profile on the other hand, you can represent you much more professional. In addition, only the premium account, even those members offers the opportunity to contact directly and without problems that do not belong to their own contacts. Regular XING contacts can you write at any time. But who is now looking forward on a wonderful opportunity for spamming, which suffered a shock absorber: you can on so-called "non-contact" up to 20 messages per month send.

By the way, little tip: Do you use your XING Premium Membership actually only professionally, you can watch the settle costs for tax purposes! Here, however, you should contact your tax advisor to find out further details.


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