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Should it happen that you can not read on a website or in a document texts because the content is displayed too small, you can magnify the screen. In the following lines you shortcuts, tools and other ways is to enlarge the screen contents in Windows.

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There are different ways to increase the content on a screen.


larger screen: Here's how to Google Chrome, Firefox and Co.

  • Will you only once let a little larger pose on a web page, the "Ctrl" key and keep moving the mouse wheel up to zoom the page.
  • Moving her mouse wheel while holding down the "Ctrl" key in your direction, the content is displayed smaller. This is suitable for. For example, if you want to view large images on a web page, or you want to gain a general impression of the layout.
  • you are in a browser and want to activate the normal size, hold the "Ctrl" key and press the "0" button to do so.
  • Alternatively, you can access the option to enlarge the screen with the menu bar in the browser. Goes in search of the "View" and select there "Font Size" (IE), "Zoom" (Firefox). "Increase / Decrease font" (Safari).

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larger screen in Windows 7

Windows offers other functions to magnify the screen. Enables the magnifier of this. For the Windows Magnifier to enlarge the screen following key combination used:

"Windows" key and "+" - key on the number pad

Now the magnifier appears in the top of the screen. Ride with the mouse around the screen and you get a screen clipping in an enlarged view. If the magnifier is disabled, the "Windows" key keep pressed again and press "-" on the numeric keypad. By clicking on the magnifying glass magnifier can be called again. The size and position of the cut can be moved at will.

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