Neo Magazine Royale Tickets: outlets, Rates & more info

If you want to be happy once in a live recording of Jan Böhmermanns late-night talk show here, you can you easily get online for tickets. Where you get the tickets for the "Neo Magzin Royale" and what you have to observe it, we have summarized for you.

Neo Magazine Royale - Tickets & Prices

Tickets for the Neo Magazine Royale be exclusively through the Online shop the "Love Your Artist GmbH" sold. A sale to the Box office does not exist.

Each ticket costs while 10 Euro, a free seating is not provided. You will be assigned to the square in front of the recording of the show.

Go directly to ticket sales of LYA*

NEO MAGAZINE ROYALE with Jan BöhmermannThe impish smile, there are even free for the live recording to // © ZDF

Recording, address & further information

The Neo Magazine Royale is Thursdays in the studio king in Cologne added. If you have tickets ordered for a program, you should up 17:15 local be because the Recording at the latest at 17:30 starts. We have you summarized the most important facts in the following table:

inlet16:30 (later than 17:15)
durationto about 19:30
addressStudio King
Oskar-Jäger-Str. 160
50825 Köln
minimum age18 years

Were you ever in a live recording in the audience there and had you afraid to end up in a shipment of Neo magazine Royales, in which the "PRISM Is A Dancer" heading up? Let us know in the comments.

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