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Farmville 2: Get on&# 8217; s country sends you Zynga back on the farm. The first part of Farmville on Facebook was one of the first really successful games that have been played within the social network. No wonder then that a sequel would not let wait too long in coming. Here you'll find tips, tricks and cheats for FarmVille 2 on Android and iOS.

FarmVille 2 Tips, tricks and cheats for Android, iOS and Facebook

Farmville 2 on Android and iOS works independently from the Facebook version of the game. So if you have even started within Facebook to build up your farm, the progress is not included in the mobile version.

18290FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2 Tips and Tricks: Getting Started

Starts her FarmVille 2, you should go through the tutorial. Here there are important Farmville 2 tips and tricks that will bring you the game functions and individual functions in detail. At the beginning of the game you can spend the precious key. This is the premium currency, how can from almost all Free2Play games. Saves you the Farmville 2 Keys at this point and the individual orders and work on jumps not, after the keys are rare and hard earned, and paid dearly via in app purchase.

  • New water is available in Farmville 2 without limitation.
  • the fountain or pond, by up to 20 units to obtain clicks new water.
  • Fill your water stocks on a regular basis to the maximum and then pour your plants with it.

FarmVille 2 Tips and Tricks: New friends and associations

In order to earn money in Farmville 2 should, do it regularly all the missions and tasks. Here too you some game principles are taught, after all the tasks are introducing new plants, animals and buildings. With the additional experience points gained her rise to higher levels in Farmville 2 on Android and iOS. Furthermore, you can after the successful completion of tasks free of charge, two key new Farmville.

farmville 2-3

Should you be looking for new friends or a bandage in Farmville 2, commutes from you in the comments!

FarmVille 2: Tips for buildings

In the early hours of the game you should be careful to quickly expand your barn. If the barn too small materials produced can not be stored and will be lost this way. In addition, you should keep in mind if you can sell goods on-shelf. The sale of goods is possible from level. 8 Here you can also ask the maximum price. As a rule, goods are sold after a short wait even at that price. The nail that you need to upgrade the barn, you'll get to "Grandma's meadow", saving you therefore use the valuable key.


In Grandma's meadow you will find a variety of rare items and gather experience points.

  • Produced at the beginning of the Landküchlein.
  • Visited Grandma's meadow with the highest possible number of farm workers
  • After 15 minutes, there are the first rewards on Grandma's meadow

FarmVille 2 Tips for experience

Do you want to ascend to a higher level, you need 2 experience in Farmville. In the following ways you can collect in the game Farm Experience points:

  • Feed
  • To harvest
  • Water
  • Fertilize
  • cooking
  • to bake
  • help foreign fields
  • Neighbors and friends help

Are you looking for neighbors and friends for Farmville 2 on Android and iPhone, can you share you here in the comments.


Farmville 2 Cheats

If you go 2 Cheats for Android, iOS and Facebook in search of Farmville, pays attention to the numerous scams that drive the net mischief. Often you will be a Farmville palmed 2 Hack which includes no real cheat, but spying a Trojan, which your data on the PC. More cheats get her often only indirectly, for. As if their u into a subscription trap by surveys. ä. gropes.

farmville 2-1

A legal and "real" Farmville 2 Cheat however, there are: Usually you have several minutes or even hours to wait until a task is completed or a certain plant is fully grown. This Farmville 2 Cheat you can shorten the waiting time:

  • After you have ordered or started an order the desired order, includes Farmville second
  • now opens the system settings of your smartphone.
  • Should now make a particular product take about 10 minutes to complete, sets the clock on your smartphone just 10 minutes ago.
  • Now you can return to the game.
  • Through this Farmville 2 Cheat there is no waiting period and you can collect the farm orders directly.
  • However, do not forget to properly adjust the time on your smartphone again, otherwise have missed important deadlines and also ensures that your Farmville 2 harvest might perish.
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