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Memory test on Windows 7

Windows Vista is often regarded as one of the worse versions of Microsoft's operating system, the black sheep has brought some features in the series, of which the successor can benefit. Including Windows 7 has the memory diagnostic tool that checks you fast memory for errors.

  1. Click on the Windows button in the taskbar
  2. Give in search Windows Memory Diagnostic or navigate through Control Panel > Administration to the appropriate folder and starts the linkwindows memory diagnostic tool
  3. selected here Restart now and check for problems
  4. Windows restarts and shows you all found problems on RAM

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Memory test on Windows 8

Do you work in Windows 8 with the ModernUI surface, you find the board means test to the RAM as follows:

  1. The key combination Windows + W reaches into her settings search bar
  2. Give keywords here random access memory on
  3. Now choose the proposed option diagnose memory problems of computer
  4. This will open the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool (as in the other operating system versions)
  5. Chooses Restart now and check for problems

Memory test under Windows 10

Also, Windows 10 is not gefeiht from damage or problems at the memory. However, the operating system provides a separate function for checking the RAM, makes the installation and removal of the locking unnecessary.

  1. Examined in the appropriate search bar simply by memory
  2. You will then get the option, the command &diagnose memory problems of the computer; # 8220&# 8221; select via the control panel and to perform
  3. You should now close all other programs and applications because you get the query whether the PC can be started in the course of diagnosis new
  4. After restarting Windows 10 now leads a 15-minute diagnosis

Alternatively, can be on all operating systems also on page one suggested software MemTest use to examine the memory for errors.


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