Letter when Tinder: tips, examples and sayings

Those looking for his next big love or just a bit of variety in between, will for some time not only on the street or at the disco the opportunity, but deviates on dating apps like Tinder Lovoo or out. This makes it a bit with the study also, you should give some thought before the letter at Tinder. We give you tips on how you can write your love interests and betrayed if you can write without match at Tinder people.

There is after all, only an opportunity for the first impression. Due to the high number of users of Tinder competition is correspondingly large, so you should already collect their first points in the letter.

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Tips for covering letter at Tinder

Before you start with the flirting, you should polish up their your profile.

  • used meaningful profile pictures, on which you are clearly visible.
  • group photos are legal, but you should this only isolated use.
  • Too many images should not upload, so as not to overload the profile. As a guide, you should first upload three images at Tinder.
  • On smile on the profile picture can work wonders.
  • Fake Pictures should not use it. While this can help with the first letter, no later than the first meeting you see then, however old from.
  • Do you want to increase the chance of becoming even written on Tinder, you Sollett also your profile text revise. It is ideal if you already suggest a topic, such as your hobbies. You can ask a question that can be answered in the first Tinder message: For example, "Should your next trip to New York or Sri Lanka go?" Or "swing or modern dance?&# 8220;

Letter when Tinder: tips, examples and sayings
For the first call should keep in mind you this:

  • Do you have a match with another person, you can write this in Tinder by you click on the hit.
  • Do not be afraid to start a conversation yourself.
  • Shows confidence and gives the impression that you have control of the conversation.
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Tinder: writing without match?

Did you so impressed a profile that you want to write without match on Tinder with the person who is exactly the catch: A contact is only possible with the dating app when both sides have matched each other. If this will not work with you, read on here: Tinder - no match: it might be the cause.

write Tinder &# 8211; the first contact

Of course, you should not use clumsy dress like "Well, mommy?" Or uncreative "Hello". Give yourself creatively and look at the profile of the potential flirt partner before writing to. So you can identify their interests, which you can use it for the first message.

  • the love interests as interested eat, can write her that you like to eat for your life or have a gifted talent for cooking.
  • You see on the profile picture that the person was on holiday, asks how the vacation was.
  • Can you from the profile conclusions on the musical taste pull, trying to find the wire over it.
  • Give Thanks for the match and grabs an additional compliment, z. As a property that is visible on the profile picture in the message.
  • Also Ask to profile photos can be an opener for contacting,
  • should fall into the house with the door is not a short "Can we get to know you" but can often be enough already.
  • Makes you not worry too much about the letter, but simply chatting it happening.
  • Tinder has the reputation of being dull and superficial. If all else fails, it tries to clumsy and direct way, without long beating about the bush.
  • Should you avoid lame phrases such as "How are you?"
  • Also on prefabricated sayings you should dispense with Tinder, after all, can use any Google and the search Proverbs cope.

We show you also how you can use the PC Tinder and what is behind the super-Like at Tinder.

not write Tinder matches back

Even with the most sympathetic message and a meaningful profile, it may happen that your candidate does not flirt back writes on Tinder. Even if there is no answer, you should not hang his head. As mentioned, the competition in Tinder is large, perhaps it works better during the next contact. Wipes just to the side and tried again.

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