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The Messenger WhatsApp is indispensable on most Android smartphones and iPhones. you can keep in touch with all the friends and acquaintances about the app. pictures, videos and more side texts can be sent. Changes to the phone, you can also take the recent chat history in general. Complicated, but it is when you move from an iPhone to an Android smartphone. Here the Wazzap Migrator helps.

Wazzap Migrator is an additional app for Android. The application accesses under the arms and helps to transfer all conversation histories, including images and media from an iPhone to a new Android device.

Here you can find the download of Wazzap Migrator:

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Wazzap Migrator: move chats from iPhone to Android

With simple setup of WhatsApp accounts, which has been used on the iOS device, Chat histories are not synchronized. WhatsApp chats stores not globally on a server, but sets only locally in the memory of the mobile device from. The Wazzap Migrator helps you to backup these files in iOS system to arrive. So transferring the WhatsApp chat history from iPhone to Android works:

  1. First, a backup chat history must be created through iTunes.
  2. Combines this iPhone with your computer.
  3. Controls here the overview for the iPhone and selects "local backup" (without password protection).
  4. Using the free application iPhone Backup Extractor you come to the backup file. Selects this "Expert" mode and controlled by "default folder" backup folder.
  5. About "Application" we find the ( "net.whatsapp.WhatsApp") WhatsApp folder. Selects the subfolder "Documents" to the file "ChatStorage.sqlite" to find. this sets a hook and select "Extract". Videos and other media can be found behind the path "net.whatsapp.WhatsApp / Library / Media".

Now you can Wazzap the Migrator and WhatsApp on the Android device install:

  1. After installation, you have to bring the above extracted backup file on the Android device. This works for. B. directly via USB or via download from a cloud, z. As Google Drive or Dropbox.
  2. Deletes WhatsApp now once again.
  3. Starts the Wazzap Migrator.
  4. When setting do you choose the directory in which the backup file was moved to the Android device.
  5. WhatsApp reinstalled. During installation, a backup is found. Give that you want to use this for WhatsApp installation.


All chat flows that have been made yet on the old iPhone, are now available on the Android device ready - Wazzap Migrator goodness!

Wazzap Migrator: Lite version is no longer available

The tool long time there was as a "lite" version for free. With this variant, all chats were transferred. Here, however, all chats have been provided with the text addition "LITE". Who also sought access to all videos, pictures and voice files from WhatsApp on iPhone on the Android device had to activate the paid version.


Meanwhile, the free Lite version has been abolished. The Google Play store is merely the paid full version is. When downloading Wazzap Migrator Lite from alternative sources should be careful. Frequently apps from unknown sources, such as viruses or other malicious content are provided.

Elsewhere, we show you how to secure chats from WhatsApp via Google Drive.

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