Shpock Register & amp; Check out: how it works

Examined her the Sign Out button on the flea market website Shpock? The function is unfortunately very well hidden. We show how you sign you in and out Shpock can.

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To register with Shpock is still relatively easy. After that, you wonder but surely: where is the logout button? Is there such a thing? Do not panic, you have to not delete all Shpock account the same even if this assumption is fast approaching.

Join shpock

  1. Opens the Shpock website.
  2. Click the top right of the profile-male on the lettering Login if you have already created an account.
  3. You can then log you by Google or Facebook account. Among them you have also the choice of the whole e-mail, and to do with password.
  4. If you want to create an account, you click on Register.

unsubscribe shpock

The logout button is hidden very well at Shpock:

  1. Calls the Sphock website.
  2. Click the top right of your profile picture on the lettering My Shpock. Your profile information will be displayed.
  3. Click above on the small, gray gear icon.
  4. Including now you see the small Logout button.
  5. Click it to logout.
Shpock: So you can unsubscribe you.Shpock: So you can unsubscribe you.

If that does not work for some reason, you can help you with another method.

Shpock logout (other method)

alternative can empty it and your browser cache. In things like stored the login information so that you are still logged even if you close a web page times. If you delete the cache, as well but also other website information is removed. So you've got to then again at login Amazon, Google, eBay, etc., if you should call the websites again.

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