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Despite rather disappointing Reviews of the second season of True Detective arises for fans the question: Will there be a third season? Or will Season 3 set due to the failure of the second season? Now there is on the subject of news that we want to share with you. Learn more!

Critics and fans agreed to Season 1 of "True Detective": This is a, if not the best series in recent years. HBO had achieved a great success with the unusual series &# 8211; seen not only financially. of course, the expectations were high to a Season 2, which aired on the US channel, 2015.

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However, it quickly became clear that the second season was unable to match the terrific first season and seemed to lose interest some fans. This had a direct impact on a possible third season. Following the broadcast of the final episode in August 2015 was initially refrained from a third "True Detective" season.

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True Detective Come Season 3? Will there be a new season?

Screenrant yet reported mid-2015 that there will be no third season of "True Detective". However, the last word does not yet spoken. About six months after the notification and entire two and a half years after the airing of the final episode now it seems new hopes for a third season of "True Detective" to give. Series creator Nic Pizzolatto expressed in Entertainment Weekly his interest in new episodes. In fact, the concept including contract should be for two new episodes even. David Milch, who worked for "Deadwood" is to be part of the production team for the third season.

Even Matthew McConaughey, part of the cast in the first season, would be back again for a third season. Already in summer 2016 expressed HBO boss Casey Bloys that both the sender and NIC PIZZOLATTO were quite open to new "True Detective" episodes. He also stressed that the series was not "dead".

Mid-2017 seem to attack the plans for a third season. So there are rumors that Mahershala Ali could play a role in the series sequel. Mahershala played in the Oscar-winning "Moonlight" starring and was previously seen already in the House-of-Cards in a prominent series role.

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Quentin Tarantino, the director legend, commented in an interview with Vulture incidentally extremely negative about the show:

I tried to watch the first episode of season one, and I did not get into it at all. I thought it was really boring. And season two looks awful. Just the trailer - all thesis handsome actors trying to not be handsome and walking around looking like the weight of the world is on Their shoulders. It's so serious, And They're so tortured, trying to look miserable With Their mustaches and grungy clothes.

For Tarantino therefore Season 1 was already bored &# 8211; which is certainly not shared by many fans a judgment. Season 2 then has not seen the director. Now of course you can ask to what extent the Good then trusts at all a judgment based on the trailer &# 8211; On the other hand, the reviews were bad by the bank.

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True Detective Season 1 in the stream at Amazon*Watch True Detective at Sky*

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The paths for Season 3 seem so paved. Both performers and managers behind the camera would be ready for implementation. Pizzolatto has yet presented the scripts for the episodes of the first two seasons almost single-handedly to grab him with new episodes David Milch under the arms.