Between: Is Season 3 prospect?

The science fiction series Between shows the Canadian city of Pretty Lake in a quarantine situation after there were several unexplained deaths. So far, 12 episodes were shown in two seasons. But how it looks with between-season 3?

the series in Germany at Netflix is ​​shown. The six episodes of the first two seasons can be found in the stream there. The start of the first season was in May 2015, the second season was opened in Germany on July 1, 2016th How long series fans must now wait for Between-Season 3 at Netflix?

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Between Come Season 3 at Netflix?

After broadcasting the rhythm of the first two seasons it would have been to continue with new Between sequences or the start must be imminent, at least briefly. In fact, there are But so far no information Between the third-season.

  • In Canada, the series ran until now at City TV.
  • There the first two seasons took a no quota successes.
  • Netflix gives out no details on streaming rates. There is no information about the resonance of the series.
  • From a commercial perspective, there are no ambitions, at least for the producing TV station City TV to make produce new episodes of Between.
Between: Is Season 3 prospect?© City TV

Between Third Season (yet) planned

At the same time the story is of course not yet been told. In the first two seasons was shown how adults have come from the age of 21 years under ominous circumstances to death in the small town of Pretty Lake. The city is thus put under quarantine. Thus, the uncertainty increases among residents who do not receive any help from the government. It formed groups that come into conflict with each other. Outside the quarantine area, the deaths of adult humans accumulate.

As the mysterious virus spreads in the population and how humanity deals with the sudden deaths could be quite the central theme of the third season of Between - when should it be produced.


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