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&# 8220; It is a gem&# 8221; - Phil Schiller announced as the new iPhone at the presentation on Wednesday night. A good update of the precious smartphone: The iPhone 5 is high quality, thinner, has a larger screen and also offers in Germany fast LTE data connection.

iPhone 5: Hands on Video


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iPhone 5: Test

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Larger Display: 4 inch

The iPhone 4S had a 3.5 inch display with a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels. Compared to many Android devices, which acts already small. Apple moved now with the iPhone 5 after the new device has a 4-inch display with a Resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. so the pixel density remains with the iPhone 5 display as usual.

The Aspect ratio is 16: 9. On the home screen dock bar including six series have apps space.

iPhone 5

What happens to open apps in the smaller resolution? They are centered in the middle, so a small black border appears on the long sides.

And a word to the colors: They should be stronger by 44 percent - making sure a nice impression over the Android competition ...

iPhone 5 Case: The thinnest smartphone

iPhone 5In order to remain manageable, Apple introduced the iPhone 5 thinner - as thin as any other smartphone, it says at least Phil Schiller. This was achieved, inter alia, that the touch sensors are integrated in the display.

7.6 millimeters the housing is now low, the device weighs 112 grams. By comparison, the iPhone 4S still weighed 140 grams with 9.3 mm depth. There are still the colors black and white.

LTE for Germany

In Europe, the LTE connection of the iPad could not be used because of different standards. The iPhone 5 now also supports the wireless broadband connection. in the Deutsche Telekom network is the Apple phone with LTE can surf. More wireless service provider has not called for Germany Apple. Austria and Switzerland were not listed.

The supported mobile and data link protocols: GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO, HSPA, HDPA +, DC-HSDPA, LTE, 802.11a / b / g / n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and Bluetooth 4.0.

New Camera: 8 megapixel iSight

iPhone 5The new camera the iPhone 5's iSight and consists of five lenses. They are as in the previous model 8 megapixel photos and Full HD movies out. Of course, the resolution just fine, more could even adversely affect the image quality.

Interesting news is a Panorama function, zusammenpuzzlet the individual images to form a total artwork having a size of up to 28 megapixels. Furthermore, improved image stabilization and face detection (up to 10 people) integrated.

The front camera offers the small HD resolution (720p).

New dock connector Lightning

The new dock connector called Lightning, and is 80 percent smaller than the previous 30-pin connector. He is also supposed to be easier to use. Owners of numerous accessory products are probably not happy about the new standard - which we have discussed in a separate article. However, there is an adapter for existing connection.

iPhone 5

iOS 6 with Photo Stream, Passbook, Siri and more

Of course, on the new iPhone iOS 6 with Photo Stream, Passbook, Siri and more installed.

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Quality Update: Chip A6, audio quality, and a little more battery life

iPhone 5In the iPhone 5, the new ELT A6 processor. He is twice as fast CPU and graphics performance. This is not only to play, but also for quick launch of apps beneficial. remained the same are the Sizes 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes.

The new thinner casing Apple had better or worse, completely revise the interior. The manufacturer has used for improvement: work now three microphones (partly for reducing ambient noise) for a good voice quality.

At the battery life has not changed much on the whole. Talk time and music playing time has remained the same but the standby time could be increased from 200 to 225 hours according to the manufacturer, and the Wi-Fi surfing by one hour to 10 hours.

iPhone 5 available from September 21

the iPhone 5 was delivered there from 21 September. A week later it appeared in Austria and Switzerland. To have the iPhone 5 in Germany from 679, - Euro.

Included with the new apple earbuds headphones will be included.

Conclusion iPhone 5 concept: solid update for the precious cell phone

iPhone 5

A convincing update was imperative given the strong Android competition. The iPhone 5 offers no great surprise, especially since most of the features were already rumors about the light.

But Apple has polished his precious phone again: the better, larger display is promising, thanks to performance and quality, the Apple smartphone should continue to play in the top league - as far as one can tell without testing after the presentation today already.

We will of course continue on the iPhone 5, check the features and tariff structures with and without contract.


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