Instagram register and set up: The start guide

You want the video and pictures from the network Instagram Web 2.0 giant Facebook avail? We tell you how you can register for Instagram you. For this to happen but at least one app for Android or iOS.

From your PC or Mac you can indeed look at the pictures and also leave comments on various Web viewer, but uploading owners of the Instagram app is reserved. In our tip but you find a way in which you also get the Mac or PC to access the network.

should a problem to install Instagram for very few pose. Either you invite you directly to your browser settings, or follow the installation instructions of the Web Viewer.

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Instagram register: Step by Step

  1. The Instagram app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store or Google Play.
    • owner of a Windows Phones (s. Update below) or Symbian go so far empty and have to rely on the BlueStacks version of our guidance.
  2. After installing the app on your smartphone you will register you in Instagram already asked.
  3. Sets for a username and a password and carry a your profile data.
  4. Apart from the details of the data but you can you log in through your Facebook account.
  5. You are successfully logged in, you can look at Instagram friends from Facebook or from your address book. Furthermore you propose Instagram before some users who enjoy a high reputation in the network.

Register Gallery Instagramm

  • (Figure 1.6):register 6. Instagramm - 6. Now you can start shooting pictures, edit and upload on Instagram.
  • (Figure 6.2):1. Register Instagramm - 1. Specify a username and define your password. Then her your profile information fills in or linked Instagram with your Facebook account.
  • (Figure 3.6):2. Register Instagramm - 2. Scans your Facebook friends if someone else is registered with Instagram.
  • (Figure 4.6):3. Register Instagramm - 3. Also, your address could provide yet registered friends on Instagram.
  • (Figure 6.5):4. Register Instagramm - 4. Instagram beats hip you currently artists before, which you can follow.
  • (Figure 6.6):5. Register Instagramm - 5. If the registration completed, you can get started, upload photos and videos.

The Instagram home screen

The bare home screen of Instagram is still quite naked. Below we explain what they mean each button.

Instagram HomeHome: Here you can see all your photos and all the photographs of persons to whom you follow

Instagram DiscoverDiscover: Here you can find the currently most popular photos on Instagram and artists

Instagram TakePicTakePic: Shoot a photo or download a photo from your album high

Instagram NewsNews: Here you can see who liked your photos who follows you and all comments

Instagram profileProfile: Click here for your profile and settings


You do not know who should follow her on Instagram:

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On page 2 you will find a guide to the private sphere settings in Instagram


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