Mirror Image: How to Paint, GIMP, Word and Co.

Shoots her a photo with your camera, it may be necessary to reflect this in certain cases. So you want to turn on the right about the photo of the left when you've shot in front of the mirror a selfie and want to read what is written on your T-shirt or the chest.

Mirror Image: How to Paint, GIMP, Word and Co.

With free tools and little effort, each image can be mirrored.

Mirror Image: How to Paint for free

So it does not require expensive image editing software à la Photoshop to be able to represent an image in reverse direction. Rather, it is easily possible even with Windows' own Paint to be able to flip the image. That's how it works:

  1. Paint starts and opens the image file in the application.
  2. Select the entire image with the key combination "Ctrl" + "A".
  3. Now click with the right mouse button anywhere on the marked image.
  4. This opens a context menu from which you will find the "Rotate" function.
  5. Now you can choose whether Paint want to flip the image "vertical" or "horizontal".
  6. With one click, the image will be mirrored.
  7. Now you can edit it further store the result in an image file and upload your Selfie or photo with another subject on Facebook, send to friends or just look on the screen of.


Mirror Image on PC with free program (GIMP, Word and Co.)

Do you want to flip an image in GIMP, you can do this as follows:

  1. controls "tools" to.
  2. Selects the "Transformations".
  3. Here you will find the "mirroring" function.
  4. Alternatively, you can also the icon in the tool window click to swap the left and right edges together.

To flip an image in Word, click this first at. Now click on the left grid line and the mouse key down. the mouse moves now quickly over to the opposite side and the image will appear in this axis. Of course, this works for both the X and the Y-axis.


As you flip an image in Photoshop, learn it in Photoshop Product: Mirror (image plane object). We show you also how to remove red eye from photos.

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