msvcr71.dll was not found – Troubleshooting

Problems with the file msvcr71.dll can often arise when it is missing or damaged. Below, we show you how accommodating the DLL file in the system again.

msvcr71.dll was not found - Troubleshooting

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, these are to program libraries that can be used by multiple applications simultaneously. The DLL files are essential under MS Windows for the smooth running of applications. As you can imagine, it can be quite quickly lead to significant problems when a DLL file is missing, which is required by a program. This also applies to the file msvcr71.dll, often lack thereof to leads that programs can not be started on Windows.

Error message in the absence of msvcr71.dll

Is obtained when Windows can not start a program due to lack of msvcr71.dll, an error message similar to the following:

msvcr71.dll missingStart Photogallery(10 images)Which motherboard I have? find out the motherboard!

The solution of the problem

but the solution of the problem is quite simple. You've got to do is download the msvcr71.dll file and paste it into the folder where it belongs. How you do it, is described below.

  1. Unfortunately, Microsoft itself offers the msvcr71.dll not for download, so you invite you the msvcr71.dll from this site.
  2. Copy the downloaded file into the folder &# 8220; C: \ Windows \ System32&# 8243 ;.
  3. Usually, the problem should now be done. If the program in question still does not start, msvcr71.dll copied additionally in the program folder of the application.

Reasons for problems with the msvcr71.dll

Reasons for problems with the file msvcr71.dll can incidentally damaged system files, for example due to a wrongly performed maintenance or overloading the system be.


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