FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: cost of packs, and FIFA Points

In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is once again one of the most time modes. To build your team properly, you can pull the pack. Depending on the nature of the pack as well different costs do you.

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32470What is ... FIFA Ultimate Team?

You can pay the playing elements in Ultimate Team with the coins. Elsewhere, we show you how you can earn fast coins in FIFA 16th


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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: prices and costs for sets

These coins can you one hand directly back in the transfer market for new players and object maps invest. Alternatively, you can cover you with packs. The packs are available at different levels of costs in different sets. In a gold set include 12 objects contain. This may be matches, but also to other cards as jerseys, balls. acting bonus cards for coins, tokens for FUT Draft etc.. Furthermore, it is quite possible that you jump in a gold pack the odd silver player contrary. Equally, however, a higher quality item can be contained in a silver set.

setContent (at least of it.)Costs (Coins)Costs (FIFA Points)
bronze12 objects (10 bronze, 1 rare)400-
Bronze Premium12 objects (10 Bronze, 3 Rare)750-
silver12 objects (11 silver, 1 rare)250050
silver Premium12 objects (11 silver, rare 3)375075
gold12 objects (10 Gold, Rare 1)5000100
gold Premim12 objects (10 Gold, Rare 3)7500150

fifa-set gold

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: cost of packs, and FIFA Points

Besides being able to pay the packs with the in-game currency, you can also real money in Ultimate Team invest. For this you have to your FIFA account starts with the game's currency, charge the FIFA Points. The point there is a detour in the PSN Store or Xbox Live Store. Alternatively, you can also buy directly a code with which the game account can be charged with FIFA Points. So you can find about Aufladekarten for your account with different Points values:

  • 1050 Points: 9,99 € *FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: cost of packs, and FIFA Points (Price per Point: 0.95 cents)
  • 2200 Points: 19,99 € *FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: cost of packs, and FIFA Points (Price per Point: 0.91 cents)
  • 4600 Points: 39.99 € (*FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: cost of packs, and FIFA PointsPrice per Point: 0.87 cents)
  • 12000 Points: 99.99 € *FIFA 16 Ultimate Team: cost of packs, and FIFA Points (Price per Point: 0.83 cents)

points FIFA-16

Take one of the top values ​​an average value, there is a price of 0.89 cents per point. From this you can deduce about the following set fees:

  • Silver: 45 cents
  • Silver Premium: 68 cents
  • Gold: 89 cents
  • Gold Premium: 1.34 €

As the game progresses there will be more Pack versions that offer you as more objects or more rare items or only include players and no other object cards. EA Sports warns himself not to buy FIFA 16 Coins. Also, one should avoid a use of car buyers and not fall for alleged FIFA 16 Coin generators from.

FIFA 16: Is it worth packs?

Whether buying FIFA pays 16 packs, everyone should decide for themselves. Of course there is a certain chance to take a valuable and rare Messi or Ronaldo. At the same time there is a risk that you have the 7500 coins or € 1.35 for the premium pack also wasted because only bad players and cards in the set were &# 8211; like there to watch when collecting Panini stickers at every World Cup and European Championship. Less wrong can you do with the bronze pack. Here one finds among other short-term contracts for its team in the premium version. From time to time, also a brilliant Bronze players can pull that one can re-sell for a multiple of its investment of 750 coins. Here again, however, the gaming principle: Everything goes, nothing has&# 8230;

Until October 11, the way you have the chance to redeem the FIFA 16 Pre-order code to get free packs.

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