Show Facebook offline: So you are in Facebook chat offline

With the Facebook Messenger you are always with your friends in touch and read the posts on the road by the people of your Facebook contact list. But you do not want to your Facebook login to be online for all your contacts in the chat? If you want to be available to only a few people immediately via chat, we tell you the practical guide on how you can display in Facebook offline you.

Facebook offline: Disable Chat

If you turn off the chat, see the contacts in your list no longer green dot next to your name when you are online. Write messages, can you read it to you later in your mailbox. Also in the Facebook Messenger app ye receive your messages on iPhone or Android device.

What the Facebook Safety Check is, learn it in the following video:

58343Facebook Safety Check

Facebook offline: How to&# 8217; s

  1. Right click in the chat with your contact list on the wheel to open the options.
  2. Now choose Advanced settings.
    Facebook options chat advanced settings
  3. In the advanced chat settings Now you have the choice: Disabled her chat only for a few friends, it's available only for this, for all other you are in Facebook offline. You can turn it disabled the chat for all friends or select exceptions in the second point and on the Facebook chat only for a few friends, for you want to be online on Facebook.


Advanced chat settings selection

In Facebook quickly displayed offline

Do you want very quickly for a contact in Facebook appear offline, you can do that like this:

  1. If you are in the chat window with the person, you can click here also to enter the Facebook options on the wheel.
  2. There selects her chat for (name), and be clear for the chat partner instantly on Facebook offline.

Facebook chat now-off-screen

Will you give up the Facebook Messenger, read our article messenger forced Facebook blocked mobile version, so it is chatting without App. Will only be used in a service you Skype, WhatsApp and Slack, we have summarized the most important information for you: Multi-Messenger: Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype & Co. together in a Messenger?

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