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While we in this country in particular, access to the social network Facebook, the white F is not quite as popular with blue background in other parts of the world. In Russia, for lies. As the online contact network Odnoklassniki high up in the user's favor. With the appropriate app Odnoklassniki can on Android devices, eg. As Samsung Galaxy and Co. be accessed.

Odnoklassniki makes it possible to create user profiles and provide them with additional photos and other details. In addition, groups and forums can invest and visit.


Odnoklassniki app for Android mobile reconnect with old friends

Odnoklassniki (in German "classmates") is one of the world's 100 most popular Web sites and finds himself at No. 6 of the most visited sites in Russia again. Also in the Russian neighboring countries such as Armenia, Moldova and Georgia Odnoklassniki among the top 10 sites. In Germany, the site is currently ranked 119 after all of the most popular deals in the network.

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Officially intended as a platform to reconnect with old classmates, to Odnoklassniki has developed his career as one of the first addresses the social networks for Eastern European-born citizens. In addition to calling profiles and contacts you can with the Odnosklassniki app for Samsung Search and Co. and listening to music. Thanks to the music widgets also individual collections can be put together. in the App emoticons and Co. may not be missing.

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Odnoklassniki app for Android: Social network from Eastern Europe

The app also Odnoklassniki images can be edited download. Information about events there via push notifications. Interesting links and events can also be shared directly from the browser. In the Google Play Store app Odnoklassniki receives an overall rating of 4.2 stars in over 240,000 customer reviews. Will you use the Odnoklassniki mobile, you need at least Android 2.1. A Odnoklassniki App in German language, there is not currently. Therefore, you should the Cyrillic alphabet be powerful if you want to install the application.

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