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The &# 8220; .DE German domain&# 8221; resend bills that would cost you for a supposed domain name registration in the period 2016/2017 proud 169 euros. If you have received such a calculation, clear the following applies: This is a scam, the bill should you pay under any circumstances!

Already in 2015 was the &# 8220; .DE German domain&# 8221; is money dishonestly by allegedly registered by the victim websites. While many e-mail recipients have correctly simply moved the message to the Trash, many home owners were quite insecure.

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.DE German domain account

No headaches at German domain bills.No headaches at German domain bills.

The &Accounting; # 8220&# 8221; .DE German domain should like to have transferred the money to a Spanish bank account, how to approach the &# 8220; ES&# 8221; can detect the start of the IBAN. A reasonable website also does not have the German domain, but you also should not make contact by e-mail or at the telephone number provided with the &# 8220; Company&# 8221; record, tape.

What is hidden just behind .DE German domain thus not entirely clear. From einzelenen fraudsters to the letter box but everything is possible. The Consumer warns of the &# 8220; rip-off&# 8221 ;, and advised to proceed as follows when you receive an email from German .DE domain:

  • About Assigns no money to someone whose name you do not know and this even in the &Accounting; # 8220&# 8221; indicates. Likewise bills are always dubious classified without direct address.
  • not paid for services in which you are not even sure that you have taken them to complete.
  • Deletes this email.

German domain account 2016

German Domain: No bill &# 8211; An offer

How to (st) the small printed &# 8211; which almost completely dispense with the upper case &# 8211; at the end of &Accounting; # 8220&# 8221; can be found, the email also understands not as a statement but only an offer. Defined the &# 8220; .DE German domain&# 8221; its pretty clear statement declared as a PDF file in the second half of the provisions as follows:

&# 8220; Based on the above-mentioned offer, which the bill in case of adoption will underlie through them, we will carry out the following service lines for them: the application of domain- addition .eu or .info that your current domain name is added. Unless they agree with the outlined above, your domain registration for the aforementioned period will be valid. Pay attention please it. This is an offer and no statement, the payment of this offer is back as acceptance of the offer or order confirmation understood. In the case of non-payment of this application is void and the domain additive will be available to third parties.&# 8221;

So therefore you can offer this ambivalent easily refuse: Delete the email and has no money to these scammers!