Dead by Daylight: cheats, codes, bots and penalties

The horror multiplayer Dead by Daylight is on everyone's lips. Just recently, the developers Behavior Digital rejoiced over 300,000 sold units of their indie hits. Now they announced aggressive action against cheaters. We tell you in this article, if there is a legal way to trick the game and what penalties the use of cheats bloom.

Dead by Daylight is not an easy game. Especially at the beginning, it is disheartening to depend first on the hook and see that no other player is to save one. Also for killer the horror multiplayer is a bit frustrating. Some pull survivors various cat and Mausspielchen through and jump on the buildings back and forth, so that the killer is engaged in a Survivor and repair the other all five generators. Since the reasoning can be close, by Cheats and trainers for Dead by Daylight to look out that affect the game so that you not only rises in rank, but also more blood points receive.

See here the Developer Diary from the creators of
Dead by Daylight on &# 8220; blood network, development and rank&# 8221 ;:

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Dead by Daylight: The can Cheats

In Dead by Daylight you have officially no console, to cheat or commands to enter. So you can on programs dodge the change Horror multiplayer manually. Here you have various settings that ensure that you see all sorts of things on the field. To add the Cheats Font into the picture one that indicates you the trapdoor, boxes, chests, generators and survivors. This grid can you usually still individualized.

presented killers and survivors of Dead by Daylight

Will you use the cheats, but there are several hooks:

  • They are mostly not free.
  • You are patches invalid made.
  • It offers you increased Punish.

Some websites are very smart and calculate you a monthly subscription, to the you are bound for this time. However, in the near future a patch might appear, which can dissipate the hack. In this case, you are still bound by the subscription.

With a cheat program you see the hook, survivors, generators, etc. better.With a cheat program you see the hook, survivors, generators, etc. better.

Bots farms blood spots &# 8211; but were abolished

A new trend has developed in Dead by Daylight. Some survivors have noticed lately that so-called Farm-Bot-killer to play in the round. They were always in the same place and swallow continually into space. These bots farms Killer points when the actual players not currently sit at the PC &# 8211; the program does the work. However, since this technique destroys the game, have the Developer reacts relatively quickly.

For best survivors for your playing style

At the September 13, 2016 brought the team behind Dead by Daylight one hotfix out of all &# 8220; Macro-operated killer&# 8221; naught made. Here intensified Easy Anti-Cheat its rules and shuts off immediately any programs that access the game. The only drawback: Steam transmissions no longer work. However, the developers bother to change that yet. However, until now this possibility holds all cheaters and bots from the game.

Anyone who has used a bot program, can not banned become. It can be behind not track whether the input from the keyboard or a program performed. More information can be found in the Steam-entry from the producer of the game, Mathieu Cote.

Penalties for cheats and hacks at Dead by Daylight

The dead-by-Daylight-makers twitching almost every week and talk about the latest developments relating to the horror multiplayer. At the June 30th they talked briefly about cheaters. They confirmed that the new patch 1.0.2 made sure that as of this date no more program worked. In addition, the developer announced a &# 8220;Bann wave&# 8221; at. So do you use or have used a cheat, you could from the shaft are made. So the developers tracken for example, how quickly it obtained which Perks, blood spots and ranks and can also find out that way.

Dave Richard (lead designer, left), Mathieu Côté (Producer, center), Ash Pannell (creative director, right) talk weekly updates and answer questions about the game.Dave Richard (lead designer, left), Mathieu Côté (Producer, center), Ash Pannell (creative director, right) talk weekly updates and answer questions about the game.&# 8220; There is a ban wave coming. So make sure you&# 8217; re not part of it.&# 8221; (Mathieu Côté, Producer of Dead by Daylight)

The developers have found that it cheats or hacks used, you will not only depend on game banned. At the same time your can Steam profile blocked become. The program also does not work, loses her money every month. With a new update for Dead by Daylight you will but now notified when you will be blocked. This can also happen by chance in matchmaking. After that, the lobby is closed and informed the other players. You are locked as well, you can download you new content in the form of DLC.

Lest you through better tips for Dead by Daylight and exercise as often as possible. While it is unnerving at the beginning, but you should refrain from Cheats &# 8211; especially because ye rise against real players and then frustrated your game. Cheater also be easily detected and reported by many players at once.


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