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To Windows 7, it was possible using HyperTerminal to configure devices via the serial interface. In certain cases, the lack of hyper terminal in Windows 7 makes itself felt, so that one has to resort to ways to nachzuinstallieren HyperTerminal, or must find alternatives.

Setting or Hyper Terminal on Windows 7 install alternatives

In Windows 7, you have the possibility of similar functions via remote shell to perform. This approach suggests Microsoft also even from his website.

Features HyperTerminal in Windows 7

  • In order to complete the HyperTerminal tasks in Windows 7, Windows RS (Windows Remote Shell) is used.
  • Opens this prompt and give the command winrs /? On.
  • Alternatively, you can use their Telnet. The program allows to establish connections between computers over the Internet.
  • A 1: 1 replacement for HyperTerminal on Windows 7, however, does not offer the tool.
HyperTerminal wind-7Winrs as HyperTerminal Alternative in Windows 7

install Hyper Terminal on Windows 7

If you have access to a Windows XP version, you can install HyperTerminal in Windows. 7 Copies of Windows XP following files in the shared directory C: \ Windows \ System32 (32-bit) or C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 (64-bit):

  • hypertrm.exe
  • htrn_jis.dll
  • hypertrm.dll
  • hticons.dll
  • ntdef.chm

If that copying the files is too cumbersome, or who has any version of Windows XP on the computer can access alternatives to the following HyperTerminal:

  • HyperTerminal Private Edition
  • Putty

Putty is a free SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client for Windows. With the small tool a secure and encrypted connection between different computers can be established. By means of text-based emulation can thus be directly execute commands on the remote system.

Setting or Hyper Terminal on Windows 7 install alternatives

Who HyperTerminal used for troubleshooting modems, 7 can also perform the necessary settings in Windows directly from the Control Panel.

  1. Click this, click "Start"
  2. Opens the "Control Panel"
  3. Searches for 'Phone and Modem "
  4. Click on "Phone and Modem"
  5. Take the appropriate settings.

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