So you can open an NRG file or convert

With all the different file formats it can happen fast that one finds a file on the hard disk or receives an e-mail that you can not use. Here you learn how to open an NRG file.

So you can open an NRG file or convert

In an NRG file is a file format that comes from the burning program Nero. The file extension is short for Nero Image. 1 image of a DVD or CD stored to burn them to other media: In an image file 1.

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NRG File: Open and convert with freeware

  • Do you read a DVD or CD burning software Nero from an associated image file is created optional. This gets .nrg file extension.
  • Will you open the nrg file, you can turn it using Nero and burn them to a blank CD.
  • 1 image of the previous disc created from which the NRG file has sprung: Such a one is.
  • Nero is a paid tool.
  • Have you downloaded Nero no longer on the hard disk or NRG file or receive e-mail, there are free solutions in order to open the NRG file and burn.


NRG file to ISO

  • If the NRG file are burned as an image, you have to convert to an ISO file, NRG initially.
  • In many cases, you can change the file extension simply by NRG in ISO.
  • If this simple way does not work, use the free Daemon Tools Lite. So can mount and unpack and install the contents contained in the Image NRG file.
  • Alternatively, you can use their WinRAR to extract files from an NRG image.
  • Even with the program IsoBuster can edit NRG files and open.
  • Would you want to convert the NRG file to an ISO file, but the use of the tool is nrg2iso itself.


Of course you can also create your own NRG files with Nero.

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