“The thing about indexing” or “Why zombies and men are equal before the law”

Mortal Kombat X was classified as non-indexing worthy of three months after its original release of the BPJM, has received from the USK release from 18 and must now be sold without restrictions in this country. This raised many questions about the procedure of the USK, BPJM and the German youth protection in general. Why was Mortal Kombat X now but released? Why stay games like Dying Light indexed? We hope to bring you the article and the video some light on the release jungle!

& Quot; quot The thing with indexing &; or & quot; Why zombies and men before the law are the same & quot;

Dying Light Release in Germany: First release pressure.

Dying Light is not only one of the most anticipated title of the new video game in 2015, more and more the growing evidence that awaits us a really round gameplay. Zombie Apocalypse with parkour elements, a free-roaming game world and naked fear for survival in stunning graphics - Hell Yeah!

Well, not quite. Hell yeah, almost, almost. For us in this country in Germany dies for Dying Light must be getting the last glimmer of hope. Since the game has yet to receive any labeling by the ESRB, can be assumed with reasonable certainty that the publisher will refrain from publication. Accordingly, it will not take long until an avid Nominated his duty to fulfill as a guardian angel of babes and provides an indexing application to the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons, shortly BPJM.

It's an old song. The eternal struggle of youth against their own protector. Oh, and of course all adult players against the protector. Here one thinks but it's actually just fine with us: In Germany, the USK, entertainment software self-control, the age rating for video games controls. Their activity is legitimized by law, their decisions are final. Gets a game labeling by the USK, it may be sold commercially only to people with the appropriate minimum age. As far as actually everything cool. At the same time - and this is since the amendment of the Youth Protection Act in 2003 so - but it is thus also protected from indexing.


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