Solution: Windows 7 does not look for updates or eternal (Fix)

If you are looking 7 Updates in Windows, it happens more often that the operating system searches and searches but does not update. Especially with a new installation of Windows 7, the update installation takes then occasionally throughout the day. We show you which update fix is ​​available for the problem.

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  • Solution: Your PC uses an unsupported under this version of Windows Processor

Windows 7 does not update (after installation)

Especially after a Windows 7 reinstallation, it may happen that Windows 7 for eternal search finds any updates. Then the display is &# 8220; Searches for updates&# 8230;&# 8221; Minutes to hours without modification. We have compiled the following tips on how you can work around this error.

Windows 7 does not find any updates, even after hours.Windows 7 does not find any updates, even after hours.Start Photogallery(3 pictures)Solution to Windows Installer Modules Worker (TiWorker.exe)

Windows 7 Update Fix

In order for Windows 7 finds updates that you installed yourself the following updates in this sequence:

  1. KB3078601
  2. KB3109094
  3. KB3185911
  4. KB3020369
  5. KB3172605

You can update the search on this Microsoft Web page and for your operating system download. then start your computer again and check for updates. If the problem persists, the following solutions read also carried.

Windows 7 does not find updates: offline update

If Windows 7 simply invites any updates, you can also download these offline and install them all at once. The advantage: You make the whole thing only once and then can be copied to different Windows 7 computer and install there the update file. This is especially faster because they do not have to be downloaded from the Internet:

  • If you want to put together at one time as an offline update all available updates, look over here: Windows 7: make offline update.
  • You can also only times only install the Windows 7 Convenience rollup. This also includes very many updates from Service Pack 1 to April 2016th

Instructions for the convenience rollup:

  1. Installed Windows 7 with Service Pack 1. Typically, the service pack is now already installed on a Windows 7 installation, if their current media or ISO files used.
  2. Now starts the Windows 7 Convenience rollup.
  3. After installation, it checks with Windows Update whether further updates can be downloaded.
  4. Here, the error may resurface natural that Windows 7 does not update. Either you wait and tries again at regular intervals or you look for the following tips.

Also, you can update the Windows Update Agent, since it may be the cause: Windows Update Agent: All information & Download.

Windows 7 does not load updates: Date and time wrong

If your date and time in Windows 7 are set incorrectly, it can cause problems when retrieving the Windows 7 updates. You can then the Windows time using a time server set.

Windows 7: No updates possible - slow internet connection

Under certain circumstances, your Internet connection is disrupted. In this case, the search is taking place very slowly after Windows 7 updates. therefore checks whether your Internet is slow. This is perhaps in the form of DSL speed tests. Alternatively, you can download and check the download rate is also a large file. However, the speed can be throttled there also from the supply side.

The Windows 7 Convenience rollup saves you a lot of update installations.But is not to important Windows 7 updates are longer available.

Windows 7 does not install updates

Under certain circumstances, faulty network drivers can be the cause of the problems with Windows updates. Install or update this in the case on the manufacturer's website. Even a simple restart can help make Windows 7 finds updates.

Alternatively, you can the fix-it tool from Microsoft download or try Windows 7 to repair.

Windows 7: It searches for updates - Microsoft's intention?

Well of course you can guess whether it is intended by Microsoft that Windows 7 has the bug, check for updates, but finding none. The fact that Microsoft course focuses primarily on Windows 10 and maintenance of Windows 7 as a low priority - especially since Microsoft urges users literally to upgrade to Windows 10; ranging from annoying update references to automatic Windows 10 installation if none hinguckt.


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