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D-Dog is one of four buddies who on his missions in MGS 5 Big Boss: able to accompany The Phantom Pain. want especially if you like creeps, you will no longer on the services of the man's best friend soon do without. In the following guide, we show you where you can find the four-legged and what useful skills he has.


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In MGS 5: The Phantom Pain you are no longer necessarily go alone, but are allowed on the optional use of Quiet, D Walker, D-Horse and D-Dog counting. The latter is a wild dog to her place with Big Boss on a mission. Where exactly and what Skills D-Dog brings into action, we'll tell you here.

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MGS 5 &# 8211; The Phantom Pain: D-Dog Buddy Guide

Even before maybe you have the little puppies in gameplay videos to MGS 5: The Phantom Pain seen. Here Big Boss finds him as a puppy beside the body of his mother. After his rescue, he welcomes you to the Mother Base and comes running towards you with clumsy steps. After only a short time D-Dog is then already fully grown and ready for use. Just like Big Boss carries D-Dog a eye patch, because as you already may be regarded as puppies to him, he lacks an eye.

More about D-Dog you can see in the following trailer the Diamond Dogs.

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So is their D-Dog

D-Dog or short DD be found in Afghanistan. simply start following the imposition on the Mother Base Misson 4. You will set down here directly by helicopter next to the locality of D-Dog. Are you near the puppies you can be bark heard. Should you miss it is not a problem. Ocelot will contact you via radio and talk about the four-legged friends. You can find him in the Southern Afghanistan map north of Spugmay Keep. Optional you can find him near the landing zones of Mission 3 or 5th

In the far south of the card finds its DD waiting under a tree.In the far south of the card finds its DD waiting under a tree.

You are close enough, he will come running towards you. You can then it remotely Fulton Recovery System Send to Mother Base, where he is waiting for your return for you. now still passed the emissions 7, 8, 9, 10 and two other missions of your choice. Returns to her then to Mother Base back, there's a cutscene in DD has grown up and is now on you as a buddy available.

This also switches the success hit the alarm free.

Hit the alarmhit the alarmgamer core 15bronze
D-Dog made available for use.

Capabilities of D-Dog

DD having a Number of useful skills, which are particularly useful during unnoticed approach. This includes:

  • Approaches ye an enemy camp, D-Dog automatically begins to mark enemy and friendly NPCs in a given radius on the map. Even if they are out of sight, such as buildings, are located.
  • It marks also all animals and plants. This helps you in collecting resources or your wildlife collection.
  • You can order him to bark, What caught the attention of enemies within earshot. So you can draw in certain directions the attention of guards. Sends DD simply to certain points befehlt barking him.
  • With the ability Keep Em Busy let her D-Dog attack a selected enemy. Although he can not violate any enemies or kill, but it can distract and occupy and even attract the attention of other bystanders waking up. So it comes past opponents Groups without triggering alarm.
D-Dog can deal with enemies for you.D-Dog can deal with enemies for you.

The more often you D-Dog mitnehmt on missions, the more increases the relation to him. Once it has reached the maximum, you get the success Man's best friend.

The-Best-Friend-Of-PeopleMan's best friendgamer core 15bronze
Relationship with D-Dog increased to the maximum.

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