The Steam Controllers Reviewed: Is it worth the purchase?

Like the gamble works with the Steam Controller?

No matter how the thing now looks or feels is most important, of course, like the gamble with the controller works. To test this, I have decided the most diverse games for all sorts of genre categories, to give you a comprehensive picture. Selected I have this (similar to a console that) to move about the big-picture mode of Steam, which has given me also make guests feel myself in a closed universe, from which I do everything can and can dial.

and go&# 8217; s:

2D games (platformer Hack & Slash, etc.)

I've played: Ori and the Blind Forest, Castle Crashers, telltales Game of Thrones

9,787Ori and the Blind Forest Launch Trailer

That was my impression: Ori and the Blind Forest was the first game that I played with the Steam Controller. Accordingly was there the feeling of being delivered a completely new control concept, the greatest. Direct shot a me &# 8220; but Uhhh, that's really getting used to.&# 8221; through the head. For here are mainly the rear buttons are used, which can optionally be used for jumping and attacking. It felt very different from the control that I was used by the game. After a few minutes my Hüpferei I was in my element: Clicking the back button walked me into the blood and I did not have to cramp inconvenient to get to the A button.

In the later levels, where complex combinations of the four buttons were originally demanded, to get ahead in the game, the controller suited me. The ability to perform these combinations of buttons on both sides of the Steam Controller, simply was more fun than the Gehampel I have exercised with the Xbox controller. use of hectares of index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger for jumping and attacking, felt more natural than other control concepts and threw me in an unstoppable flow, which was a lot of fun right.

The only problem &# 8211; and that falls flat, especially in the genres in which you will use this control often: the back button of the steam controller are EXTREMELY loud. So if your headphones shield not very good, you do not play or the (living) room sharing you with other people, then the loud Dauergeklicke be damn fast annoying.

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3D games that rely on speed (action, shooter, etc.)

I've played: BioShock, Spec Ops: The Line

5538Bioshock Trailer.mp4

That was my impression: Actually, the potential is there, because the new touchpad of the Steam Controller allows me a different sensitive control. I would like to slowly look around, I let my finger very slowly over the pad. Should&# 8217; s be the quick overview of the battlefield, I move it accordingly faster. The aims to be as intuitive as possible&# 8230; an effect that was not really set me especially in faster games. That getting used to the analog stick takes on a touchpad some getting used to, is clear. At the beginning I turned the camera on principle and with each movement much too strong.

Independently of &# 8211; and that will probably be the deciding factor &# 8211; I had unpleasant cramps in my thumbs some playing time in BioShock. This is due to minimal differences thumb movement, which is necessary for this control:

  • When analog stick, I think the tip of the thumb firmly at one point (the bump) and move your finger in the desired direction &# 8211; always seen from the direction in which the stick was before.
  • The touch pad of the steam controller wiping from the center of the pad in the desired direction is necessary. I adjusted the camera to the right and above would then look up, I have to move up the thumb awkward about the middle of the pad.

Whether bug or feature: currently does not feel very pleasant and exactly, jerky in the results too much, thus resulting in too much frustration when fast reactions are required.

Small plus point: The reloading of the weapons on the back button is rather uncomplicated.

Steam controllerdownloadQR codeSteam controllerDeveloper: Price: € 54.99

All other 3D games (horror, puzzle, etc.)

I've played: The Talos Principle, Albino Lullaby

394Albino Lullaby - Pre-Launch Trailer

That was my impression: In my experience with the camera control in action-heavy games, I was prepared for anything. Surprisingly works exactly these alternative control for slow play very well. Sneaking into stealth games, the slow looking back in horror games or the moderate pace in many Puzzlern allow me more space in the brain that transmits your fingers the signal, but please slow rumzuschubbern on the damn touchpad. Then it works very well even after a short time, so I would dare me to the Steam Controller definitely in a game of this genre.

Moba and other games with no controller support

I've played: SMITE

330Smite - Gameplay Trailer

That was my impression: Smite itself offers &# 8211; like a lot of the games of the MOBA genre &# 8211; no controller support. As a nice feature of the Steam controller is used: The community mapping. Early in the game I can either classic controller templates Steam pretending to choose me or choose a template that a / s has / created players in itself. In SMITE I could for several proposals choose &# 8211; most including a short description, which gave me clues as to what I had expected.

For these mappings I felt the habituation phase to be particularly lengthy. This is because the game &# 8211; because not just designed &# 8211; no corresponding graphics provides. So in the game itself, I see not stated which button and which key exactly what triggers. I can About the Guide button of the controller Steam this indeed see during the action runs. but that is always a bit awkward, so you with &# 8220; Learning by doing&# 8221; often faster einfährst successes.

If you've gotten the hang of, control feels very intuitive. And I do SMITE specific, because with games without a controller support it comes naturally very much depends on what is selected mapping and genre - see the points above. In this case, it is indeed an action-heavy-3rd-person game, thanks to the limited camera that is focused by me primarily on the Lane, located SMITE plays with the Steam Controller still good.

My conclusion to the Steam Controller:

Steam Controller Thumb

tl; dr: The Steam Controller brings some innovative control concepts &# 8211; For example, the touch pad to control the camera and back buttons have different functions depending on the genre. Of these, some works better than another:

While the rear buttons provide useful extensions or completely new possibilities and shortcuts in all genres, it works with the touch pad does not always so smooth. to control the idea of ​​a camera about it more directly, is smart thinking. In reality, the functionality and especially the benefits but still strong on the pace of the game is dependent. For slow tracks, it is a pleasant alternative for action games there are, however, still some barriers.

In any case, you'll need to set a long adjustment period you at Steam controller. It is absolutely necessary to turn the head and forget some gaming conventions, because the Steam Controller will shape its own. And even if&# 8217; s hard or is still in its infancy: That there is ever an approach to it, I think is an important step forward.

You shall buy you the controller?

  • Yes, if you play a lot of small indie games that fit in well with the concept.
  • No, if you anyway rather large AAA shooter and action games want to gamble.
  • Yes, if you've basically Bock to try something new and fresh developments in the games industry be happy to assist.

The Steam Controller will be officially on 10 November on the market and can be pre-ordered via Steam store.

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