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In our series &# 8220; What happened&# 8230;&# 8221; Today we take a deep look into the sinking and ask ourselves what has become of Christian Slater, his character, after all, a veritable star of the 1990s who, like in movies &# 8220; True Romance&# 8221; celebrated great success on the big screen.

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When Elvis fan Clarence fell Christian Slater once in Patricia Arquette and jetted with her in a battered Cadillac from Detroit to Los Angeles. One of the most distinctive soundtrack by Hans Zimmer both 1993 were Tony Scotts Road movie &# 8220; True Romance&# 8221; for a short time an absolute dream couple of hard on Romance, for their screenplay is none other than Quentin Tarantino responsible showed. That is now over 20 years ago and although some successful films to follow for the mimes from New York City, it soon became quiet around him. Therefore we face in our &# 8220; What happened to ...&# 8221; When asked what Christian Slater as drives actually today.

true RomanceChristian Slater takes &# 8220; True Romance&# 8221; on his birthday in the cinema space. © Kinowelt Home Entertainment

Christian Slater began his career in the 1980s with some small supporting roles and rose steadily to a sought-after actors in Hollywood. In 1991 he was, for example, in addition to Kevin Costner in &# 8220; Robin Hood &# 8211; King of Thieves&# 8221; to see on the screen before 1993 his said &# 8220; True Romance&# 8221; experienced with Patricia Arquette and short-term rise in the first squad of the dream factory. Although the odd drama starring Christian Slater was already running at that time less well at the box office (about &# 8220; In the final analysis,&# 8220;) Still were a few hits like &# 8220; Murder in the First&# 8221; or the black comedy &# 8220; Very Bad Things&# 8221; on a running out of control bachelor party in Las Vegas. but the actor was more of the nasty sidekick than the glorious main characters already in the occupied with streaky reviews road movie, just put his name at that time, so that Christian Slater graced the cinema posters and videotapes cases. No later than the turn of the millennium, however, the decline that culminated in a nasty curiosity began.

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Whatever happened to Christian Slater?

Grotesque nadir in the career of Christian Slater in 2012 was the horror flick &# 8220; Playback&# 8221 ;, which according to Movieline and Yahoo grossed just the sum of 264 dollars. We are of course far from now to empty a bucket full of glee on the main actor and so we look for the reasons for this curious grossing. The B-movie by director Michael A. Nickles namely ran in only one cinema in the US and disappeared there again after a week after it was on the first day dollars 252 and generate only $ 12 in the following days. (By comparison, the Thriller &Broken Arrow: Operation; # 8220&# 8221; John Woo starring Christian Slater and John Travolta managed almost $ 150 million worldwide box office). &# 8220; True Romance&# 8221; at the time was also far from being a blockbuster, but the film developed a certain cult and became the evergreen in the video stores in the world, which is probably the horror film &# 8220; Playback&# 8221; not going to happen. Those who still want to look into it once, can do this in the following trailer:

442Playback - Trailer english

But it is not that Christian Slater would be retired in 2000 and since then would occur for fun in small low-budget films. In the past 15 years he was in no fewer than 45 (!) To see different cinema and television productions. however, he played in more ambitious films like the drama &# 8220; Bobby&# 8221; usually only supporting roles, while the leading role last only in cheap productions such as &# 8220; Hollow Man 2&# 8243; could be seen. Even on television, the actor tried his luck and played among other things, a starring role in the comedy series &# 8220; Breaking In&# 8221;, but this was discontinued after 20 episodes from FOX.

Surely we can now begin to wildly speculate on what could be the trigger for the descent of the stars and whether his alcohol escapades or his problems with compliance with various laws could possibly play a role. Perhaps the man has also just been unlucky and hit at some point of his career a wrong decision. However, there is also a bright spot: After years of B-movie Christian Slater played in Lars from Triers &# 8220; Nymphomaniac&# 8221; the father of Charlotte Gainsbourg. Although the erotic drama may be debatable and its role small, but it was in 2013 a pleasure to be able to experience the actor again in a relevant film on the screen. Christian Slater is now 45 years young and so it's just to wish the mimes that he something can in similar films again more play into focus respected filmmaker and will hopefully continue to see in more films of importance.