announce O2 data automatic on and off: online or by phone

In recent months, several mobile operators have introduced in their tariffs a "data Automatic", including o2. If this automatic active, is automatically carried out a speed upgrade after consumption of the contractual high-speed volume. Sounds exciting at first, but are thereby also expected for the next mobile phone bill 2 €. Disabling automatic data o2 is now also possible online.

Each 100 MB in addition to the amount of data added upon exhaustion. A maximum of three entries per month for possible additional volume. If the data automatic also exploited for three consecutive months, you will automatically incremented for a surcharge of 5 € to the monthly tariff rate to the next higher data option.

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7863What is data automatic?

O2 and data automatic

The O2 data automatic was introduced February 3 and applies only to tariffs, which were concluded after that date. For smartphone owners, this means that you continue surfing not automatically throttled by the exploitation of high-speed data volume but initially remains with fast internet go online - but with costs. If the data volume exhausted in three consecutive months and thus resorted to the data automatic, an additional paid data package for the following months will be activated.


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O2 data Automatic notice: Now available online

announce O2 data automatic on and off: online or by phoneDo you want to switch off the O2 data Automatic, you had so far directly contact the mobile operator. The deactivation of the O2 data automatic can you phone provide information on the O2 hotline in order. With deactivated automatic data you surf, as now practiced already usually at a reduced speed on mobile through the network.

Do you want to switch off the O2 data automatic, a call to the O2 hotline enough. This reaches its from the mobile network of O2 under the number 55 22 2 or under the number 01,804 to 055,222 from a landline.

Meanwhile, the shutdown of the data automatic so online. Effective immediately, the option can be found in the website of the wireless service provider for &# 8220; a standalone disable data automatic by the customer&# 8221 ;. Thats how it works:

  1. Controls the web site of &# 8220; My o2&# 8221; and log you a with your access data.
  2. On the summary page can be found at the bottom of the section &# 8220;automatic data&# 8220 ;. Click here &# 8220; Learn more&# 8221 ;.
  3. On the next page you will receive again an explanation about the function of the data automatic. Who would not want to use the service, click on the blue button that says &# 8220;Disable Automatic Data&# 8220 ;. Forget doing the hook in the entry &# 8220; I want to disable automatic irrevocably data&# 8221; Not.
  4. The order is forwarded to o2. was taken to the setting, it may take 1-2 working days, according to his statement. Automatic data has been successfully deactivated with CO2, you will receive a corresponding SMS.

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Last updated on 12 September 2016


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